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What’s New?

Latest Changes (Notes)

Adjustments, File Browser, Touch and More

This release features Temperature and Tint adjustment in both standard and adjustment layer forms. It also features centered snipping as well as network (LAN) access in File Browser in Artist and Viewer. Touch-screen user experience and Video Capture have been improved and several bugs have been fixed.

File Support Improvements

HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) and AVIF (AV1 Image Format) are now natively supported out of the box with no dependency on external codecs. Corel CPT file support now handles clipping masks.


Latest Changes (List)
  • New Adjustment: Temperature and Tint
  • Centered selection options for Snip Tool
  • Improved touch-screen gesture handling and response
  • Network access in File Browser in Artist and Viewer
  • Internal HEVC/H.265 codec for HEIF (external codec not required)
  • Internal AOMedia AV1 codec for AVIF (external codec not required)
  • Improved Corel PhotoPaint CPT file support (clipping masks)
  • Improved Video Capture (performance, reliability, VFR, flipping)
  • [bug fix] History window cannot undo/redo actions
  • [bug fix] Batch watermarking not working in Converter
  • [bug fix] Destination selection issues in Converter
  • [bug fix] UI shortcuts and tips not working in Viewer
Information about older versions can be found in the changelog.



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