Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: What’s New

What’s New?

Latest Changes:
  • New Effect: Pinch/Bulge (replaces Pinch)
  • New Effect: Twirl (replaces Swirl)
  • New Transform: Swirl (alternative to Swirl)
  • Transforms with proxies for realtime previews
  • Auto-suggestion of image alignment reference points
  • Encode and Decode modes for Subpixel rendering
  • Improved performance in MegaStack™ plug-in
  • Improved decoding of BMP and DDS files
  • Improved Krita KRA file support
  • Improved TIFF file support
  • Auto-detect in Chromatic Aberration
  • GTX (Genetica and Group IV) file support
  • Support for Portable Float-Map (NetPBM/PFM)
  • Generation of merged data when writing PSD files
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Missing checkmarks for options in Viewer
  • [bug fix] CD5 physical dimensions incorrectly set to PPM
Information about older versions can be found in the changelog.



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