Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: What’s New

What’s New?

Latest Changes:
  • New Adjustment: Exposure
  • New Color Picker mode: L*a*b*
  • Image normalization option in Viewer
  • Thumbnail normalization to improve visibility
  • Automated error reporting (optional)
  • Fast previews and thumbnails for Corel CPT files
  • Improved Adobe PSD support (more adjustment layers)
  • Improved Affinity AFPhoto support (clipping, adjustments)
  • Motion Detection and triggering in Video Capture
  • Improved handling of removable drives in File Browser
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Oilify effect corrupts colors
  • [bug fix] Pop-up close button not working
Information about older versions can be found in the changelog.



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