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SDK - Layer Attachments - HOTS

Using the HOTS meta-type

The HOTS attachment (Hotspot Information) defines the hotspot associated with the image as would be the case for a cursor or a pinned texture. This replaces image hotspot mark-up and can be edited directly in the Layer Properties window in the user interface for Chasys Draw IES. The metadata consists of a host-defined structure of a fixed length:

#define META_HOTS_VERSION           0x0001

struct meta_HOTS_Obj
    unsigned short  version;        //HOTS version
    unsigned short  unused_1;       //unused, set to 0
    long            x;              //hotspot, x
    long            y;              //hotspot, y
    unsigned long   unused_2;       //unused, set to 0

The plug-in requests metadata of size sizeof(meta_HOTS_Obj). The plug-in then proceeds to fill the structure with the hotspot position and the version of the structure.