Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Portable Distro of Chasys Draw IES

Portable Distro of Chasys Draw IES

What’s Portable?

A portable app is a software program designed to run independently from an operating system. It may be stored on a removable storage device such as a CD or a USB flash drive and executed directly from that device. A portable app normally stores all its program files and configuration data on the storage medium on which it resides.

Chasys Draw IES can be installed as a portable application by choosing the Portable Installation option during initial setup as shown below. The portable version maintains all functionality with the exception of system-dependent things like file associations and some optimizations. Please note that the loading of RAW files may fail on some computers when using a portable copy due to some system-specific optimizations. Some other features may also be either fully or partially unavailable when running portable due to the unavailability of components that require installation (for instance, shell extensions that are needed for thumbnail rendering – these have to be installed and registered with Windows for them to work).

Portable copies of Chasys Draw IES are strictly for personal use as indicated in the license agreement. It is recommended that you prepare your own Portable installations from the official installer downloaded from the author’s website. You are advised not to use Portable installations prepared by someone else as they may contain modifications, errors or malware. Some versions of Portable will fail to start if the install folder is moved or copied to another device or location.


What are the benefits of Portable?

Chasys Draw IES Portable is intended for use in situations where you need to run Chasys Draw IES and the computer you normally use is not available. Running Portable in such situations offers you the following benefits:

  • Portable can be run on any computer that meets the minimum system requirements
  • Portable does not require you to have admin rights on the host computer
  • Portable does not make any changes to the host computer


Which features don’t work well on Portable?

As mentioned above, Chasys Draw IES Portable has some limitations due system-dependent features and optimizations that may be unavailable in the system you are running the portable copy on, and that Chasys Draw IES cannot set up for you while running in portable mode because they involve modifying the target system – something that an application that claims to be portable must never do. In summary, these are the features that may not work properly:

  • Loading of RAW files (specifically the types for with accelerated/multi-threaded loading is used)
  • Loading of thumbnails and previews may either fail or may trigger high CPU usage
  • File association and all related features

Other effects that may be important to note are as follows:

  • Functions that rely on on-disk caches like Undo, Autosave, Shell-out and fast plug-in selection may run much slower than usual
  • All configs and some temporary files will go to the USB drive you are using, which might be a problem if the USB stick is slow or has limited space
  • The use of a custom temp folder for improved performance is not allowed



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