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Smart Content Acquisition

What is Smart Content Acquisition?

Smart Content Acquisition refers to a range of new (and somewhat unrelated) features in Chasys Draw IES Artist. These features have one thing in common - they all involve acquiring images in non-standard ways. Currently, only one form of Smart Content Acquisition has been implemented - Smart Paste.


Smart Paste

Smart Paste is a new yet very useful content pasting option. With Smart Paste, you can paste anything from anywhere - almost. For example, you can right-click a JPEG file on your desktop or within Explorer, select copy, then select "Paste as New Image" within Chasys Draw IES Artist to open it for editing, or highlight some formatted text and graphics in Microsoft Word and paste the selection as a new layer within Chasys Draw IES Artist.

With Smart Paste, content is automatically converted from whatever form it is in to an image, making the Windows clipboard a truly useful global resource for data transfer between programs.

Note that Smart Paste is currently a bit limited in the types of content it can interpret, so data from some of your programs will not be accepted in a direct transfer.

Data from the following programs can be interpreted by Smart Paste:

  All Image Editors (e.g. Paint, Photoshop, etc.)
  Windows Explorer (a.k.a. My Computer, folders...)
  Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher)
  AutoCAD and other CAD packages that support metafile data



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