Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Video Capture

Video Capture


Chasys Draw IES Artist can import video directly from video capture devices such as video cameras, TV capture cards and web-cams. To acquire images from a video device, use the Video Capture option under the File > Capture menu. The application will show a dialog box where you can manipulate the device:

You can change the source device, resolution, etc via the buttons provided. You can also set the number of frames to capture. The option to wait for a trigger event is also provided; you can wait for a specified time, a specific key on the keyboard or motion in the scene being captured (motion detection).

The frame rate at which video is captured is dictated by the video capture device. If the device produces frames at a variable rate, the captured video will be in variable frame rate (VFR) format. To save it to a format that does not support VFR (such as .avi), first convert it to constant frame rate (CFR) using the Animation > Frame-rate Conversion option.

The motion detection feature attempts to adapt to the amount of static noise and motion in the field of view, and only triggers when the level increases significantly over the calculated “background” level. This calculation is done continuously so if motion slows down for a while then suddenly increases, that will be interpreted as a trigger and recording will start.



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