Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Crop Tool

Crop Tool


This tool crops an image and optionally rotates the cropped region. This is useful for photograph work, where the field of view is too big and/or the camera was not held upright.


The following options are available for the crop tool:



This option presents simple cropping based on a rectangular area. This is the familiar crop tool that is implemented by all image editors. Just select the rectangular area you want to crop, then right-click to apply. The size of the area can be controlled using the snap-to-grid feature, in which case the tool will correct the box size to always be a multiple of the grid size.



This option presents an advanced crop tool that can be used to crop and rotate/starighten the image at the same time. This allows you to reframe or recompose the photo in one step, such as in the example shown below. The advanced cropping tool has multiple handles that the user can manipulate. The center handle adjusts the center of the cropped image, while the other handles adjust the width, height and rotation angle. You can lock these options by using the restrict modes provided under Tool Options and Colors.


This is the original image being cropped and rotated in one step:

This is the resulting image:




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