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Transforms : Smart Resize

What is Smart Resize?

Smart Resize performs content-aware image resizing on the current layer, allowing you to resize an image in such a way that only unimportant details are resized while important details remain untouched. You can highlight important areas in the image as shown below (left-click, drag then release). You can also set the output size and slope bias, which controls the hardness/softness of the boundaries between resized and unresized regions of the image.

Chasys Draw IES utilizes a fast, proprietary algorithm that delivers results that are superior to the “seam-carving” algorithm used by other image editors (also known as “content-aware image resizing”, “content-aware scaling”, “liquid resizing”, or “liquid rescaling”). Resizing can involve shrinking the source image, expanding it or a combination of the two:

Shrunk copy (300x300):
Original image (400x300):
Stretched copy (600x300):


The preview image is done in draft quality, however, when you click OK the whole operation is repeated in the maximum possible quality. Thus, the final image will usually look better than it did when you were setting transform parameters.



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