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Processes : Stacking : Other

What is Other?

The "other" image stacking operation uses several images to create an output image based on a mathermatical operation specified by the user. This operation has no specific use; it’s up to the user to decide what he intends to achive and choose and operation that delivers that end.


The “how” bit

You need at least 2 same-size images of the same scene to run this engine. The images need to be aligned; this can be done by either making sure the camera remains perfectly still or by using the Align Images for Stacking feature.

This is the GUI for the Other feature:

The GUI offers several mathematical operations to choose from, as described below:

Operation Details


Adds up all the pixel values from the stack.


Selects the pixels with the lowest absolute values from the stack.


Selects the pixels with the highest absolute values from the stack.

Peak Diference

Gets the difference between the lightest and darkest members of the stack.




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