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File Formats - Other Image Files

Image File Formats

The following image formats are currently supported by the Chasys Draw IES suite. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and that support for additional formats can be added by installing the appropriate plug-in via the plug-in manager:

Format Description Support
.cd5 Chasys Draw IES Image Read/Write
.bmp / .dib / .rle /.ptr Bitmap Image, Windows and OS/2, including OS/2 bitmap arrays, icons and pointers Read/Write
.jpg JPEG/JFIF Image, plus EXIF data, plus 12-bit JPEG and 16-bit JPEG (extended color depth) (see Note 8) Read/Write
.gif GIF Image, including Animated GIF Read/Write
.png / .apng PNG Image, including Animated PNG (see Note 1) Read/Write
.tif TIFF Image Read/Write
.tga Targa Image Read/Write
.pcx / .dcx / .fax / .st ZSoft PC Paintbrush Image / Multi-Page Image Read/Write
.dds DirectDraw Surface, including BC7 Read/Write
.pnm / .pbm / .pgm / .ppm / .pam / .pfm NetPBM Bitmap Read/Write
.ico Icon, including 32-bpp with alpha Read/Write
.cur Cursor, including 32-bpp with alpha Read/Write
.ani Animated Cursor, including 32-bpp with alpha Read/Write
.icl Icon Resource Library Read
.icns Apple Icon Resource Read
.jp2 / .j2k / .j2c / .jpt JPEG-2000 Image Read/Write
.mj2 Motion JPEG-2000 Read/Write
.jxl JPEG-XL (static and animated) (see Note 5) Read/Write
.jxr / .wdp / .hdp JPEG-XR (a.k.a “HD Photo” or “Windows Media Photo”) (see Note 2) Read/Write
.webp Google WebP Image, including Animated WebP Read/Write
.ora OpenRaster Image (cross-platform layered format) Read/Write
.xcf / .xcfgz / .xcfbz2 GIMP’s native format (plain, gzip, and bzip2), including re-editable text layers Read/Write
.gbr GIMP Brush File Read
.gih GIMP Image Hose Read
.psd Adobe Photoshop’s native format, including adjustment layers and re-editable text layers Read/Write
.pat Adobe Pattern File Read
.abr Adobe Brush File Read
.psp / .pspimage Corel/Jasc PaintShop Pro’s native format Read
.pspbrush Corel PaintShop Pro Brush File Read
.jbr Jasc PaintShop Pro Brush File Read
.cpt Corel PHOTO-PAINT’s native format, including adjustment layers Read
.pdn Paint.NET’s native format Read
.kra Krita’s native file format, including re-editable text layers Read
.mdp FireAlpaca’s (as well as Medibang Paint’s) native file format, including re-editable text layers Read
.pxz Pixlr’s native file format, including shape layers, frames and re-editable text layers Read
.awd ArtWeaver’s native file format, including re-editable text layers Read
.afphoto Affinity Photo’s native format, including adjustment layers and re-editable text layers Read
.xbm / .xpm X window system BitMap/PixMap Read/Write
.dds DirectDraw Surface Read/Write
.pict / .pct / .pic Macintosh PICT Image Read/Write
.dpx Digital Picture Exchange (including RLE encoding and YUV variants) Read/Write
.exr OpenEXR Read/Write
.qoi Quite OK Image Read/Write
.pcd Eastman Kodak Photo-CD File Read
.jng JPEG Network Graphics (see Note 6) Read
.mng Multiple-image Network Graphics (see Note 6 and Note 7) Read
.heif / .heic / .avif / .avc / et. al. High Efficiency Image Codec (see Note 3) Read
.fit / .fits / .fts Flexible Image Transport System Read
.gtx Genetica or Group IV Texture Read
.tg1 COKE Format Texture Read
.emf / .wmf Enhanced/Windows MetaFiles Read
.svg / .svgz Scalable Vector Graphics (partial support); including SVGZ (compressed) Read
.avi Audio/Video interleaved; short duration Read/Write
.mpg / .wmv / .mp4 / et. al. Movies/Videos; short duration with the option of selecting a clip (see Note 4) Read

The following digital camera RAW formats are currently supported via the Camera RAW plug-in. Please note that this list is not exhaustive:

Format Description
.dng Adobe Digital Negative
.crw Canon Photo RAW CRW
.cr2 Canon Photo RAW CR2/CIFF
.cr3 Canon Photo RAW CR3/C-RAW
.raf FUJI Photo RAW
.nef Nikon Electronic Format
.nrw Nikon Electronic Format
.orf Olympus RAW File
.srf Sony RAW File
.sr2 Sony RAW Image
.arw Sony Digital Camera Image
.rw2 Panasonic Photo RAW
.raw Panasonic/Casio RAW
.pef Pentax Photo RAW
.ptx Pentax Photo RAW
.k25 Kodak Photo RAW
.kdc Kodak Photo RAW
.dcr Kodak Photo RAW
.mrw Minolta Photo RAW
.erf Epson Photo RAW
.3fr Hasselblad Photo RAW
.mos CREO/Leaf Photo RAW
.srw Samsung RAW Image
.rwl Leica RAW Image
.x3f Sigma Foveon X3 RAW
.iiq Phase One RAW Image
.bay Casio RAW Image
.fff Hasselblad RAW Image
.mef Mamiya RAW Image
.mfw Mamiya RAW Image


Note #1:
Animated PNG in this instance refers to the popular APNG specification by Mozilla, not the relatively unpopular MNG specification by the PNG Development Group.

Note #2:
Requires the Windows Imaging Component (WIC). WIC is included by default on Windows 7 and above. For Windows XP, WIC is included in SP3, and may be downloaded as a stand-alone component for SP2.

Note #3:
Requires the presence of either (1)
video codecs for H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC and AOMedia AV1, or (2) the HEIF and HEVC extensions from Microsoft, or internal implementations of these codecs that are pre-packaged with some versions of Chasys Draw IES. A third-party WIC extension for the same may also be used (at the risk or reduced functionality). Internal implementations of these codecs may have reduced features or performance, but will suffice in most use-cases. The File Associations utility will indicate which codecs are required if any.

Note #4:
Loading of videos is dependent on the video codecs that are available on your computer. Chasys Draw IES will generally load any video format that you have a codec for.

Note #5:
JPEG-XL is still under development and has known issues. As a result of one of these issues, large images cannot be saved in the JPEG-XL format. I also strongly recommend against converting important images to JPEG-XL.

Note #6:
JNG and MNG are rarely used (failed) standards that are only supported for the purpose of migration, and that should not be used for new files. Please consider converting all existing copies to other formats.

Note #7:
Some of the more complex and rarely used features of the MNG standard have been intentionally left out of this implementation. Most files should work fine, though.

Note #8:
Extended color depth JPEG files with 12-bit and 16-bit samples per channel are supported, but only for read. Write operations will always output a standard 8-bit JPEG file.


Adding More Formats

You can add support for more file formats by installing additional file format plug-ins. If you are comfortable with software development, you can also create your own as described in the Software Development Kit.



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