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Preferences and Settings - Chasys Draw IES Artist

Safe Mode

Safe-mode disables performance optimizations so as to maximize stability. In this mode, the graphics engine is forced to slow down and the just-in-time memory compressor is shut down completely. Other minor optimization engines may be shut down as well.

This setting should normally be turned off. Only use this setting if you are having serious compatibility issues, such as those that may result from faulty hardware or serious system problems. If you find that you have to enable this setting to fix an issue, please report it to support@jpchacha.com for resolution.



Chasys Draw IES has an autosave feature. You can turn it off, but it is highly recommended that you leave it on. You can also configure the autosave interval to anything between 5 seconds and 20 minutes in 5-second intervals, with the default being 30 seconds.


Shortcut Keys

When quick-select (tool shortcuts) is enabled, a letter is displayed at the top left corner of the icons of some tools. Pressing the indicated letter on the keyboard while drawing switches to that tool; e.g. pressing the 'H' key to enable the Hand tool when using the default mappings. You can customize the mappings of quick-select from the Configure > Shortcut Keys menu:


Acquire / Scan Preference

Chasys Draw IES supports scanning via two technologies, namely WIA and TWAIN. You can choose the technology that will be preferred (i.e. tried first) from the Configure > Acquire / Scan menu. If that technology is not available, Chasys Draw IES will fall back to the other one.

It is recommended that you leave it at the default setting, i.e. Prefer WIA.



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