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Preferences and Settings - Global - Other

About Global Preferences

The preferences and settings described here are global configurations for all components of Chasys Draw IES. The dialog box for setting them can be found under Menu > Configure > Other Settings. It can also be found under “Other Tasks” on the Chasys Draw IES launcher application (Lobby) and on the Start Menu.

Global preferences are managed from standalone modules, for example, there’s a module for managing file associations and a separate module for managing languages. These are accessible via any application and can also be accessed via shortcuts provided on the Start Menu.

This section provides an overview of some of the global preferences available to you for the purposes of explanation.


Error Reporting

Chasys Draw IES collects diagnostic information in the event of a crash or a recoverable exception. This information is presented to the user at the next startup with an offer to send it to the author for analysis. You can choose to do this automatically, so that whenever a problem occurs, the diagnostic information is sent automatically without asking. No personal information is collected as part of this process. The author uses this information to fix bugs and improve future versions of Chasys Draw IES. This information may also inform decisions on the release of patches and hot fix releases.

It is recommended that you leave it at the default setting, i.e. automatic.


Custom TEMP Folder

Chasys Draw IES creates temporary files for various reasons during normal use; these files are normally stored in the “TEMP” folder provided by Windows. You can improve performance by moving those files to a separate hard-drive on your computer; this is similar to the “scratch-disk” concept used by other image editors such as Photoshop. The faster the secondary hard-drive, the bigger the performance boost.

It is recommended that you specify a folder in a hard-drive that’s separate from the one whether your operating system and its page files reside. You should choose the faster hard-drive you have, although you may want to avoid choosing your SSD (solid-state drive) because the temporary files may generate a very large volume of writes on the SSD.


CD5 v4 Compression Level

This setting dictates how much effort the module responsible for saving files in the native CD5 format (Chasys Draw Image) puts into compressing them. It is a global configuration for all components of Chasys Draw IES.

It is recommended that you leave it at the default setting, i.e. normal. Setting it to maximum gives slightly smaller files (usually less than 10% smaller), but may result in significantly longer save times and may break compatibility with older CD5-file readers by allowing the module to use non-standard compression methods.



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