Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Fun with Object Tools (a tutorial)

Fun with Object Tools (a tutorial)

What is this tutorial exercise all about?

This tutorial exercise shows the user some of the amazing things that can be done with the various object tools. It is intended to show the user the power of these tools and how to put that power into practical use.

This is an old tutorial that was done before some advanced tools were added to Chasys Draw IES. As a result, the approach taken here might not be the easiest or most ideal way of doing things with a modern version of Chasys Draw IES.



This tutorial assumes you are relatively comfortable with the Chasys Draw IES environment. It is therefore recommended that you don’t take it as your first tutorial.


Task 1 : Warping an image around a 3D object (cup)

This is what we want to draw. Basically, we want to take a plain cup and warp a photo around it. Sounds complicated, huh? don’t worry, it’s actually easier than it looks. Just follow the instructions and you’ll see. This is what we intend to create:

And this is the original image:

Begin by adding the picture you intend to warp around the cup as a layer:

Obviously, the cup has some lighting gradient on it; to avoid ending up with an image that looks like it’s floating, we apply some shadow to it using the GT Shapes tool in Rectangle mode with black, black and alpha 0, 255. This is the result:

Now, we need to set up a texture. Right-click the image of the car, go to Objects, Texture, Initialize layer. The layer is initialized for use as a texture. Now click the main layer to bring it to the fore. With the Projection tool in Strip mode , map the texture to the side of the cup as shown:

To do this, you need to remember the pattern of points required, which goes like this:

And the result is this:



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