Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Bundled Plugins - Animation Renderer

Animation Renderer

What is the Animation Renderer?

The Animation Renderer is a device plug-in that allows you to render an Object Animation to a video file that can be used with any video application or media player. This is especially useful for object animations that are too long to be converted int frame animations within Chasys Draw IES.


How do I use Animation Renderer?

After you've created your object animation, go to the File menu and select Send to Device. You'll be presented with a dialog box where you can choose the device plug-in you want to send the animation to:

Choose Animation Renderer then click Send. Chasys Draw IES will link to the dev_AnimRender plug-in, which will manage the process of converting your object animation into a video file. You'll normally be presented with a dialog box where you can set video format options and choose a destination file:

The animation rendering process runs in the foreground, so you’ll need to finnish rendering and close this window to continue your work.


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