Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: History


“How can you know where you are going if you don’t know where you've been?”

It’s here, it’s nice, you like it, I like it, but where did it come from?

Chasys Draw is a project that I started back in 2001, mostly as a hobby than anything else. Back then I was still a bit green as a programmer, and as my knowledge grew, so did the project, which has since grown and matured over time to what it is today. Outlined below are some key stages in its development. If you are interested in the specifics, please take a look at the changelog.

Chasys Draw IES started off in November 2001 as a simple bitmap editor done in VisualBASIC. In May of 2002, the graphics code was moved to a new GDI-based graphics engine called JpDRAW/GDI and the resulting application was called Chasys Draw DTFx (direct tool effects). In 2003, the entire codebase was migrated to C/C++ and a new low-level graphics engine named JpDRAW2 replaced the GDI-based JpDRAW. The application was renamed to Chasys Draw Artist and it included its own native format, CD5 v1 (a.k.a Trendies due to the use of pattern detection). None of these version were ever released publicly.

The first public release was done in April 2004 (Chasys Draw Artist 1.27). In December 2005, Chasys Draw Artist 1.63 introduced alpha channels, anti-aliasing and CD5 v2. This version also won an IEEE award in ICT (Kenyan chapter). Chasys Draw Artist 1.80, released in 2006, debuted the Chazy Glass user interface, and Chasys Draw Artist 2.01, released in 2007, introduced multithreading, photo-editing features and included an image browser and an image converter. In January 2008, Chasys Draw Artist 2.42 introduced plug-in support with a public SDK, artistic text with anti-aliasing and precision tiled printing.

The internal structure was totally overhauled, leading to the first “IES” (Image Editing Suite) versions in September 2008 – Chasys Draw IES 2.50~2.52. Chasys Draw IES introduced Layers, a new streamable tag-based container-style file format named CD5 v3, animation and multi-resolution editing modes, and an unlimited undo feature. In 2009, a fully anti-aliased work-flow model, a Photoshop PSD read plug-in, support for 8BF plug-ins, support for camera RAW photos, custom & animated brushes and a multi-method palette were added. In February 2010, multiple layer attachments were added and in June 2010, Pen and Tablet support for all WinTAB devices including Wacom was added. AQuE (Anti-Quantization Engine) was also developed around the same time.

On its 9th anniversary (November 2010), Chasys Draw IES was rebuilt as a UNICODE application and multiple language support was added. In 2011, features such as TextArt “G4”, Brush Engine 2.4, FastExternals 2.41, AQuE 2.0 and Power Management were added. In 2012, support for Paint.NET PDN files was added and Brush Engine got vectoring and a repeat timer. FastExternals was upgraded to version 3.01 with non-admin configuration and TextArt was upgraded to version 1.5. The option to install to USB was also added. In 2013, Chasys Draw IES got an Automation Engine with Scripting and the concept of global alpha (Layer Transparency) was introduced. Image Stacking was also improved.

Over the following years, other features were added and existing ones upgraded, including the addition of Object Animation image-mode with Timeline Animation in May of 2016.

A major revision was done in the year 2020, including a new user interface and design language, and major rewrites of the codebase.

Please consult the changelog below for full details.



Chasys Draw IES 5.31.01 (09 Jun 2024):

  • Quality Rollup for Q1 2024 focusing on third-party updates
  • Updated selection logic and anchor points (grab handles)
  • Configurable anchor points (grab handles) with 3 options
  • Support for ArtWeaver's native file format (.AWD)
  • Support for re-editable text in ArtWeaver AWD files
  • Improved Photoshop PSD file support (memory management)
  • Improved Pixlr PXZ file support (shape layers, flat image handling)
  • [bug fix] Perspective distort clips right edge of text

Chasys Draw IES 5.30.01 (26 Mar 2024):

  • Quality Rollup for 2023 focusing on stability and reliability
  • Optimized image file loading in Artist (up to 60% faster)
  • TextArt 2.31 with many new features and enhanced performance
  • Embedded Font support in TextArt (via layer attachment)
  • Save frame animation to Motion JPEG (MPEG-4 container)
  • Metadata rotation for Linked Layers (Smart Objects)
  • Support for FireAlpaca’s native file format (.MDP)
  • Support for Pixlr’s native file format (.PXZ)
  • Support for re-editable text in FireAlpaca MDP files
  • Support for re-editable text in Pixlr PXZ files
  • Improved GIMP XCF file support (oversize handling)
  • Improved Krita KRA file support (layout, text)
  • Updated Camera RAW file support
  • Updated Icon file support with auto-size
  • Additional UNICODE ranges including latest SMP

Chasys Draw IES 5.29.01 (12 Dec 2023):

  • Multi-threaded layer renderer for improved performance
  • Option to erase source pixels for Snip tool
  • Option to move pixels to new layer for Pen and Path object
  • New options for Pattern Brush tool: with Color and with Emboss
  • Improved Animation Renderer plug-in (performance, Motion JPEG)
  • Improved MNG file support (MNG-HC tags, frame delay)
  • Improved JPEG file support (12-bit JPEG and 16-bit JPEG)
  • Improved Photoshop PSD file support (oversize handling)
  • Codec preference selection in HEIF file support
  • Additional UNICODE ranges including Latin Extended-F
  • [bug fix] File selection regressions in Viewer
  • [bug fix] JPEG using wrong/slow decode code-path
  • [bug fix] JPEG unavailable on old CPUs
  • [bug fix] Metadata lost during some conversions
  • [16 Dec 2023] Improved reliability (file support subsystem)

Chasys Draw IES 5.28.01 (25 Sep 2023):

  • New Adjustment: Temperature and Tint
  • Centered selection options for Snip tool
  • Improved touch-screen gesture handling and response
  • Network access in File Browser in Artist and Viewer
  • Internal HEVC/H.265 codec for HEIF (external codec not required)
  • Internal AOMedia AV1 codec for AVIF (external codec not required)
  • Improved Corel PhotoPaint CPT file support (clipping masks)
  • Improved Video Capture (performance, reliability, VFR, flipping)
  • [bug fix] History window cannot undo/redo actions
  • [bug fix] Batch watermarking not working in Converter
  • [bug fix] Destination selection issues in Converter
  • [bug fix] UI shortcuts and tips not working in Viewer

Chasys Draw IES 5.27.01 (31 Jul 2023):

  • Native HEIF/AVIF file support (Microsoft HEIF not required)
  • Linked layers (Smart Objects) with customizable orientation
  • New UI Color Theme: Deep Sea (dark mode)
  • Zoom and Pan touch-screen gesture handling
  • Improved video import plug-in with frame scaling
  • Improved Krita KRA file support (oversize handling)
  • Improved Paint.NET PDN file support (oversize handling)
  • [bug fix] Ctrl+Z and other shortcuts trigger tool changes

Chasys Draw IES 5.26.01 (15 Jun 2023):

  • UI Color Themes including two Dark Modes
  • Revamped batch converter with a more user-friendly workflow
  • Mixed input in Converter (any combination of files and folders)
  • Improved video file decoding with hardware acceleration
  • Improved DDS file support (small-float formats)
  • Improved SVG file support (compressed SVG, GZip)
  • Improved EXIF handling (lens data and time zone)

Chasys Draw IES 5.25.01 (21 Apr 2023):

  • Quality Rollup focusing on stability and reliability
  • Improved language translation engine (LLTE 2.01)
  • Improved TextArt performance (up to 2x faster)
  • Improved Copy-Paste interoperability with other apps
  • Improved DDS encoder output compatibility with other apps
  • JNG (JPEG Network Graphics) file support (read only)
  • MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics) file support (read only)
  • TG1 (COKE Texture Format) file support (read only)
  • [bug fix] Random crashes when working with text
  • [bug fix] Resize tool display issues
  • [bug fix] Endless loop focus stacking aligned images

Chasys Draw IES 5.24.01 (24 Feb 2023):

  • Improved DDS file support (BC6H/BC7, mipmaps, save options)
  • High accuracy BC7 encoder in DDS file support
  • Improved image alignment in stacking features
  • Improved performance in stacking features
  • Improved performance in MegaStackô plug-in
  • Improved NetPBM file support (Augmented PFM, PF4)
  • [bug fix] Viewer and Converter not running on Windows XP
  • [bug fix] New Project options for stacking not working

Chasys Draw IES 5.23.01 (23 Jan 2023):

  • New Layer Blend Mode: Behind
  • New Layer Blend Mode: Overpaint
  • Revamped Cloning Brush with blending modes
  • Improved operation logic/UX for Clone and Heal
  • Improved DDS file support (BC7)
  • Updated Camera RAW file support
  • [bug fix] Occasional/random crashes in Viewer
  • [bug fix] Zooming via +/- keys not working
  • [bug fix] PSD file memory errors

Chasys Draw IES 5.22.01 (22 Dec 2022):

Chasys Draw IES 5.21.01 (27 Nov 2022):

  • Fast JPEG read and write (up to 6 times faster)
  • QOI (Quite OK Image) file support (read and write)
  • Support for Cinepak-encoded Macintosh PICT files
  • Support for Corel-format Pattern files (.PAT)
  • Progress indication for loading and saving
  • File load and save cancellation via Esc key
  • Better handling of files with read-only support
  • Improved file association conflict detection
  • Caching of brush previews for faster rendering
  • Indication of power state for disk drives
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug-fix] Optimized palette missing one color
  • [bug-fix] 16-bit PICT handling
  • [bug-fix] Some GIF glitches

Chasys Draw IES 5.20.01 (05 Oct 2022):

  • Highly improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2 22.09)
  • New Effects-Brush tool option: Selective Recolor
  • New Dynamics tool option: Transparent Point
  • New Dynamics tool option: Opaque Point
  • Blocky Transforms for Pixel Art (No Resampling)
  • Click-and-drag selection in Screen Capture
  • Adaptive side-by-side panning in Viewer
  • Configurable CPU loading in Converter
  • Disk-full detection in Converter
  • Shell-out of embedded videos (sprite-sheets)
  • PDF import and improved PDF export
  • OpenEXR file support (read and write)
  • Quality Rollup: ANI file support
  • Quality Rollup: NetPBM file support
  • Quality Rollup: PhotoCD file support
  • Improved Bluetooth sharing support
  • Improved handling of EXIF orientation
  • Improved search function in Plug-in Manager
  • Improved CD5 codec (v4.06, better compression)
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug-fix] Error loading some flat PSD files
  • [bug-fix] Installer does not install resources

Chasys Draw IES 5.17.05 (17 Jul 2022):

  • Animated PNG support (read and write, APNG)
  • Macintosh PICT support (read and write)
  • JPEG-XL support (read and write, static and animated)
  • Highly improved TGA (Truevision Targa) file support
  • Highly improved PCX and DCX (ZSoft) file support
  • Support for EXIF in PNG (both text and binary)
  • ICC profile handling for several file formats
  • Premultiply and Unmultiply Alpha effects
  • Improved Lab color handling in PSD files
  • Improved BMP and OS/2 BMP file support
  • Improved NetPBM file support
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug-fix] Errors when saving .ANI

Chasys Draw IES 5.16.01 (16 May 2022):

  • Updated Camera RAW file support
  • Linear RGB mapping option in Gradient Fill
  • Configurable high-performance NetPBM plug-in
  • Open in Google Maps option in Viewer
  • Configurable Animation Playback Speed in Preview
  • Palette name display, palette options in Objects
  • Improved handling of Linked Layers (multi-res)
  • Improved CD5 codec (v4.04, better compression)
  • Improved GPS EXIF handling
  • Improved Gradient Manager
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations

Chasys Draw IES 5.15.01 (12 Apr 2022):

  • Converter refresh focusing on reliability
  • Content-Aware Background Fill
  • Content-Aware Transparency Cleaning
  • New Effect: Displace (for displacement maps)
  • Improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2™ v22.04)
  • Highly improved XBM and XPM file support
  • Improved Limit Colors effect (speed, options)
  • [bug-fix] Converter job ends prematurely
  • [bug-fix] GIF output mangled

Chasys Draw IES 5.14.01 (14 Mar 2022):

  • New Tool: Content-Aware Eraser
  • Roughen and Spray-gun tools combined
  • Block and Decorative Gradients tools combined
  • Improved group paste functionality
  • Improved support for CPUs with more than 32 cores
  • Improved Viewer responsiveness in document folders
  • [bug-fix] Converter skipping sub-folders with one file
  • [bug-fix] Redo actions by Effects Plug-ins

Chasys Draw IES 5.12.01 (16 Feb 2022):

  • Highly parallel multi-process architecture for Converter
  • Support for up to 128 virtual CPUs in most modules
  • Lobby application to improve feature discoverability
  • Collapsible TextArt window with configurable defaults
  • Percentage option for layer transparency
  • Adjustment Layer masking option on attach
  • Improved image file loader efficiency
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Microsoft Store version Camera RAW issues
  • [bug fix] Incorrect Shell-out for Adjustment layers
  • [bug fix] Incorrect hotspot loaded for some cursors
  • [bug fix] UI font size issues on Windows XP
  • [bug fix] Language Studio edit-box errors

Chasys Draw IES 5.11.01 (11 Jan 2022):

  • Minor code-base revision focusing on stability
  • Portable is now an installation option
  • Highly improved video file import reliability
  • Video file import support included in Portable
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Stuttering in imported video files

Chasys Draw IES 5.10.01 (18 Dec 2021):

  • Copy-paste for Layer Groups
  • Faster thumbnail rendering in File Browser
  • Improved shortcut key handling in Viewer
  • Auto-symbol extended with 16 new patterns
  • Improved handling of file associations
  • Shell integration for Microsoft Store version
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Occasional Undo and Redo gremlins
  • [bug fix] Converter not including sub-folders
  • [bug fix] Installation failure on Windows XP
  • [bug fix] Microsoft Store version permission issues
  • [bug fix] Sprite-sheet to Animation frame-size

Chasys Draw IES 5.09.01 (28 Oct 2021):

  • New Adjustment: Exposure
  • New Color Picker mode: L*a*b*
  • Image normalization option in Viewer
  • Thumbnail normalization to improve visibility
  • Automated error reporting (optional)
  • Fast previews and thumbnails for Corel CPT files
  • Improved Adobe PSD support (more adjustment layers)
  • Improved Affinity AFPhoto support (clipping, adjustments)
  • Motion Detection and triggering in Video Capture
  • Improved handling of removable drives in File Browser
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Oilify effect corrupts colors
  • [bug fix] Pop-up close button not working

Chasys Draw IES 5.08.01 (21 Sep 2021):

  • New Adjustment: Color Balance
  • New Adjustment: Channel Mixer
  • Improved stability and reliability
  • Improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2 21.09)
  • Improved Toolbox user interface (style pop-up)
  • Improved Affinity AFPhoto support (adjustment layers)
  • Improved Adobe PSD support (more adjustment layers)
  • New video file plug-in (flt_Video, replaces flt_DShow)
  • Out-of-process video file loading via FastExternals
  • Improved JPEG-2000 and Motion JPEG-2000 decoding
  • Encoding support for Motion JPEG-2000 (.mj2)
  • Generation of merged image when writing ORA files
  • New shell icons for associated files
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations

Chasys Draw IES 5.07.01 (16 Aug 2021):

  • Object Animation 3 with time shift
  • Timeline presets for common animations
  • Updated assets (Brushes and Textures)
  • Converter codebase updated and optimized
  • Simplified texture switching
  • Configurable WIA/TWAIN preference
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Artist not restoring window position
  • [bug fix] One row offset when saving to DDS
  • [bug fix] Mark-up not updatable in Artist

Chasys Draw IES 5.06.01 (07 Jul 2021):

  • New Effect: Pinch/Bulge (replaces Pinch)
  • New Effect: Twirl (replaces Swirl)
  • New Transform: Swirl (alternative to Swirl)
  • Transforms with proxies for realtime previews
  • Auto-suggestion of image alignment reference points
  • Encode and Decode modes for Subpixel rendering
  • Improved performance in MegaStack™ plug-in
  • Improved decoding of BMP and DDS files
  • Improved Krita KRA file support
  • Improved TIFF file support
  • Auto-detect in Chromatic Aberration
  • GTX (Genetica and Group IV) file support
  • Support for Portable Float-Map (NetPBM/PFM)
  • Generation of merged data when writing PSD files
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Missing checkmarks for options in Viewer
  • [bug fix] CD5 physical dimensions incorrectly set to PPM

Chasys Draw IES 5.05.01 (05 May 2021):

  • Linked Layers (updated from external file)
  • New Tool: Animate (for easier object animation)
  • Improved Photoshop PSD file support (masks)
  • Improved Affinity AFPhoto file support (text layers)
  • Improved sprite-sheet support with dedicated metadata
  • Improved handling of DPI and hotspot information
  • Improved multi-monitor and triggering in Screen Capture
  • Auto-detect in Color Misalignment Correction
  • New Effect: Bayer Denoise
  • Improved Projection tool
  • Autosave compression
  • Full image flipping
  • Several UI improvements and minor fixes

Chasys Draw IES 5.04.01 (08 Mar 2021):

  • Full support for Affinity's AFPhoto files
  • Restrict modes are now Sprite-sheet-Aware
  • DPI calculation and update via Mark-up tool
  • Improved Object Animation preview rendering
  • Fast previews and thumbnails for Camera RAW files
  • Fast previews and thumbnails for Photoshop files
  • Fast previews and thumbnails for AFPhoto files
  • Fast previews and thumbnails for Krita files
  • [bug fix] OpenRaster compatibility with GIMP and Krita
  • [bug fix] Occasional flickering of Preview

Chasys Draw IES 5.03.01 (23 Dec 2020):

  • Sprite-sheet video support in Object Animation
  • Import Frame Animation into Object Animation
  • 3 new blending modes: Logical AND, OR and XOR
  • Side-by-side Comparison in Viewer
  • Pixel Grid at high zoom in Artist
  • Improved MegaStack™ plug-in
  • Improved Bluetooth OBEX
  • New Effect: Decolorize
  • Minor improvements for cropping and PDF export
  • [bug fix] Crashes caused by PCX plug-in

Chasys Draw IES 5.02.01 (19 Oct 2020):

  • New completely rewritten animated GIF plug-in
  • Partial support for Affinity's AFPhoto files
  • Improved CPT file support (oversize images)
  • Square tip option for all tools
  • Separate Hand and Move tools
  • New Effect: Color Misalignment correction
  • Zoom option in previews for all effects
  • Image auditing and consistency checks
  • Improved preset handling (orientation, crop)
  • Improved Acquire/Scan functionality
  • Improved Web Browser Preview
  • [bug fix] Delayed preview rendering
  • [bug fix] Minor issues with small palettes

Chasys Draw IES 5.01.01 (06 Jun 2020):

  • Additional codebase cleanup and optimization
  • Camera RAW now has a Color Histogram
  • Improved Bluetooth asynchronous transfers
  • Improved folder tracking in File Browser
  • Drives change monitoring in File Browser
  • Sorting options in File Browser
  • Workspace rotation by 180 degrees
  • [bug fix] Random crashes during autosave
  • [bug fix] Hand tool ignoring restrictions

Chasys Draw IES 5.00.01 (14 Apr 2020):

  • New and Improved User Interface
  • Major codebase rewrite and optimization
  • Borderless fullscreen with fade out in Viewer
  • Improved Previewer performance and timing
  • Smoother Object Animation rendering
  • Sprite-sheet manipulation features
  • Automatic EXIF rotation in Viewer
  • Improved Undo engine performance
  • Faster font loading and management
  • Pause and resume jobs in Converter
  • Save and JPEG auto-confirm for quick editing
  • [bug fix] Resource leaks leading to crashes
  • [bug fix] OS/2 style BMP files not loading
  • [bug fix] ICNS icon file loading errors

Chasys Draw IES 4.80.01 (11 Nov 2019):

  • Support for Canon CR3 RAW files (C-RAW)
  • Improved Camera RAW file support
  • Write support for paletted PNG files
  • Improved thumbnail rendering reliability
  • Limit Colors effect with configurable count
  • Improved XCF file support (XCF-10, GIMP 2.10.x)
  • Improved JPEG-2000 file support (update)
  • Improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2 18.11)
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Scrollbar behaviour on high-DPI displays
  • [bug fix] Sporadic access violation errors
  • [bug fix] Some CPT layer names missing

Chasys Draw IES 4.75.01 (01 Oct 2019):

  • Canvas Resizing and Positioning for image and layers
  • Thumbnail mode in File Browser (Artist and Viewer)
  • Improved CPT file support (deprecated codecs)
  • Animations with hidden/excluded frames
  • Improved animation preview rendering
  • Improved Limit to 256 Colors effect
  • Improved Replace Color effect
  • UI palette import from image files
  • Improved plug-in error reporting
  • Improved Camera RAW file support
  • File Browser in Viewer can be docked left or right
  • Completely non-administrative Language management
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Incorrect PDF paper size recommendation
  • [bug fix] Palette names not updating

Chasys Draw IES 4.62.01 (09 Jul 2019):

  • Highly improved WebP animation support
  • Improved OpenRaster and Krita file support
  • Redrawing of vector objects on image resize
  • Improved rendering for square-tipped tools
  • Keyboard shortcuts for restriction modes
  • Layer Border options for workspace customization
  • Improved print preview and printing
  • Updated camera RAW file support
  • Improved GIF animation rendering
  • Smoother animation rendering in Viewer
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Some UI options not working correctly
  • [bug fix] Metadata may be scaled incorrectly

Chasys Draw IES 4.61.02 (03 Jun 2019):

  • New interfaces for loading and managing brushes
  • New interface for handling text (TextArt 2.20)
  • Support for Krita's native file format (.KRA)
  • Improved CPT (Corel Photo-Paint) file support
  • “Show Original” button in effect previews
  • Configurable toolbox pop-up behaviour
  • New interface for managing toolbox shortcuts
  • Separate Save and Export functions
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Artist may crash when selecting some tools
  • [bug fix] Copy-paste shortcuts in some text windows

Chasys Draw IES 4.60.01 (22 Apr 2019):

  • Improved User Interface
  • Fluid rendering for object animation
  • Improved Layers window with quick show/hide
  • Improved Snip tool with selection simulation
  • Brush Engine 4.3 with improved Pen Tablet response
  • Snap to Object and Snap to Center functionality
  • Configurable autosave timer with battery adaptation
  • Activated layer outlining with walking ants
  • Cancel tool operations using Escape key
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Error reporting service not working
  • [bug fix] Luma Sharpen removes transparency
  • [bug fix] Artist fails to start on some computers

Chasys Draw IES 4.58.01 (15 Jan 2019):

  • Support for Corel Photo-Paint's CPT files (CPT7/8/9)
  • Support for all CPT versions including 2018
  • Individual settings for each tool
  • Adjustment Layer data merging
  • New blending-mode: Lightness
  • New blending-mode: Value
  • Media-key navigation
  • Updated “pi_BasicColor” plug-in interface
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Curves rendering for Adjustment Layers
  • [bug fix] Handling of Edit option in metadata window
build 02 (18 Jan 2019):
  • Improved user interface responsiveness
  • Option to disable individual tool settings
  • [bug fix] Delayed update of current colors gadget
  • [bug fix] Individual tool settings include selected color
  • [bug fix] Handling of Edit option for animated text layers

Chasys Draw IES 4.57.01 (12 Dec 2018):

  • High performance RAW plug-in (up to 32 times faster)
  • Support for FITS files (Flexible Image Transport System)
  • Read and write support for OpenRaster files (.ORA)
  • Improved responsiveness during bluetooth transfers
  • Improved handling of text in GIMP XCF files
  • Settings preservation for upgrades
  • Improved User Interface
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Incorrect error message for corrupt files
  • [bug fix] Adjustment Layer properties UI flickering

Chasys Draw IES 4.56.01 (12 Nov 2018):

  • Highly improved image loading performance
  • Updated camera RAW file support
  • TextArt 2.10 with character spacing
  • Improved Undo engine with smaller footprint
  • Rearranged Toolbox for better discoverability
  • Improved Transparency Fill tool (replaces Magic Wand)
  • Improved Background Erase tool
  • Improved Crop tool centering
  • Improved Presets (more options and best-fit)
  • Automatic mark-up merging when flattening
  • Automatic mark-up saving
  • User-specified Favourite folders
  • Faster JPEG-2000 file loading and saving
  • Save Photoshop PSD file with editable text layers
  • Restrictions via buttons instead of keys 1 and 2
  • Several UI changes and internal updates
  • [bug fix] Unsharp mask not rendering old-style
  • [bug fix] Issues with file permissions on some systems
  • [bug fix] Incorrect brush selection in Guided Editing

Chasys Draw IES 4.55.01 (27 Jun 2018):

  • Fast in-window live previews in Effects
  • New Effects-Brush tool option: Chroma Blur
  • New Effect: Watermark
  • Batch watermarking in Converter
  • New Emboss effect mode: Alpha
  • Improved Spin Blur algorithm
  • Improved Zoom Blur algorithm
  • Improved Motion Blur algorithm
  • Improved MegaStack™ plug-in
  • [bug fix] 1-pixel non-antialiased lines
  • [bug fix] Snap-to-Grid restricted to 255

Chasys Draw IES 4.54.01 (14 May 2018):

  • RAW image support in all components
  • rawPhoto replaced with Camera RAW plug-in
  • Support for DDS files (DirectDraw Surface)
  • Improved image alignment algorithm
  • New Effect: Luma Sharpen
  • Improved preview panels with zoom
  • Improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2 18.05)
  • Some blur/sharpen effects are up to 50% faster
  • Language Translation extended to plug-ins
  • [bug fix] Bubbles when alternate-filled with alpha
  • [bug fix] Incorrect DPI when copying to clipboard
  • [bug fix] Incorrect SDK information in Help

Chasys Draw IES 4.53.01 (12 Mar 2018):

  • Single Window Mode
  • TextArt 2.01 with light-styles and new fill-styles
  • Improved clipboard (copy/paste) image handling
  • New tool: Projection (replaces Texture Mapper)
  • Perspective correction via Projection tool
  • New Timeline function: Soft Sine
  • Improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2 18.03)
  • Minor improvements to Automation feature
  • [bug fix] Portable copy crashes at start-up
  • [bug fix] Tool preview rendering for offset layers
build 02 (18 Mar 2018):
  • [bug fix] Crashes at startup on some computers

Chasys Draw IES 4.52.01 (29 Jan 2018):

  • Save as GIMP XCF file (including text layers)
  • Save as Photoshop PSD file (including adjustment layers)
  • Language Studio for easier language translation
  • New codebase for reading PSD and XCF files
  • Improved animation composer user interface
  • Improved language translation engine
  • Shortcut handling added to File Browser
  • Improved performance in File Associations
  • [bug fix] Exceptions caused by custom blend modes

Chasys Draw IES 4.51.01 (13 Dec 2017):

  • Improved Liquify tool algorithm
  • File Browser utility in Artist
  • Improved navigation in Viewer
  • Improved language engine with more checks
  • Error Reporting with cyclic logs
  • [bug fix] Freezing and deadlock issues
  • [bug fix] MRU management errors

Chasys Draw IES 4.50.01 (21 Nov 2017):

  • New tool: Liquify (replaces Liquify effect)
  • New project option: Guided Editing mode
  • Write/save support for XBM/XPM files
  • Improved handling of missing markup tags
  • Major stability improvements
  • [bug fix] C11 Annex K removed

Chasys Draw IES 4.49.01 (31 Oct 2017):

  • More options and presets in Selective Decolor
  • Support for XBM/XPM files (X11 BitMap/PixMap)
  • Extended Texture Mapper tool with 3 options
  • New Hand tool option: Single
  • New Hand tool option: Content
  • New Shape tool option: Parallelogram
  • New Shape tool option: Trapeziod
  • New Shape tool option: Bubble
  • Translation of language selection window
  • Improved high-DPI monitor support
  • Improved handling of palette files
  • Improved Bluetooth file transfer performance
  • Improved plug-in prefetch and selection
  • [bug fix] Stacking menu grayed out erroneously
  • [bug fix] Inaccuracies when decoloring directly

Chasys Draw IES 4.48.01 (03 Oct 2017):

  • Selective Decolor adjustment and adjustment layer
  • Bluetooth file transfer in Artist and Viewer
  • Improved Snap-to-Grid with box correction
  • Support for PSD files with Threshold adjustment
  • Improved Open/Save performance in Artist
  • Support for High-DPI and 4K displays
  • Minor language translation modifications
  • [bug fix] Markup Broadcast data corruption
  • [bug fix] Random issues with Apple Icons (.icns)

Chasys Draw IES 4.47.01 (07 Aug 2017):

  • Adjustment Layers for non-destructive image editing
  • Multiple adjustments per Adjustment Layer
  • Support for Photoshop PSD files with adjustment layers
  • Improved search feature for plug-ins
  • Photoshop plug-in includes plug-in search
  • Improved Greyscale with Tint adjustment
  • Improved New Project templates
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations

Chasys Draw IES 4.46.01 (30 Jun 2017):

  • Fast RAW processing on multi-core CPUs
  • New Crop tool with two modes of operation
  • Effects-Brush tool now supports custom brushes
  • New Effects-Brush tool option: Chroma Blur
  • Two options for mouse-wheel behaviour
  • Generation of PDFs with JPEG-2000 streams
  • TextArt 1.81 with three new render-styles
  • Emboss effect is now transparency-aware
  • Improved Text-Circle effect plug-in
  • Search function in Plug-in Manager
  • Brush Engine 4.2 with improved rendering
  • Minor UI and EXIF adjustments
  • [bug fix] flt_JPEG losing temporary configs
  • [bug fix] Undo not updating markup and comments
  • [bug fix] Spin controls missing in HSV dialog

Chasys Draw IES 4.45.01 (01 May 2017):

  • Code-signed binaries and installer
  • PDF generation with accurate sizing
  • Parallel processing in MegaStack plug-in
  • Smoother GUI transparency transitions
  • FastExternals 3,35 with improved loading
  • Improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2 17.04)
  • Support for new cameras in rawPhoto
  • Updated plug-ins for PNG and WebP
  • Minor speed-ups and optimizations

Chasys Draw IES 4.44.01 (26 Mar 2017):

  • Faster startup and loading
  • Faster JPEG plug-in with more features
  • Improved workspace management in Artist
  • Support for logical/computed Adobe Brushes
  • Full Unicode range (000000-10FFFF) in Symbols
  • Organizer features in Viewer
  • Improved EMF/WMF MetaFile support
  • Improved EXIF rotation handling
  • Configurable screen-capture trigger keys
  • Fine pixel selection in all stacking windows
  • Updated "pi_BasicColor" plug-in interface
  • [bug fix] Converter modifies mark-up incorrectly
  • [bug fix] Soft-proofing in preview not working

Chasys Draw IES 4.42.05 (23 Dec 2016):

  • Automatic calculation when entering numbers
  • Calculator utility with Natural Input Method
  • Timer and time estimation in Converter
  • Multipage printing for image-lists
  • Improved special character entry in TextArt
  • Improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2 16.12)
  • Improved Animation Renderer plug-in
  • Updated plug-ins for PNG, TIFF and WebP
  • Minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Cursor trails with some tools
  • [bug fix] Group-ID and global alpha missing in devices
  • [bug fix] Text-to-Path output misaligned
  • [bug fix] Issues with files with Cyrillic layer names

Chasys Draw IES 4.41.02 (15 Aug 2016):

  • New Device Plug-in: Animation Renderer
  • Support for new cameras in rawPhoto
  • rawPhoto can save to any file format
  • Improved processing engine for Converter
  • Improved permissions management
  • Improved GIF transparency processing
  • Improved EXIF data support
  • Improved Spin Blur, Zoom Blur and Liquify
  • Improved multithreaded resize performance
  • Improved Send-to-Artist performance
  • Improved Object Animation implementation
  • Improved responsiveness in Converter
  • [bug fix] Incorrect undo activity labels
  • [bug fix] Issues with loading/saving settings
  • [bug fix] Issues with repetitive server popups
  • [bug fix] Sporadic workspace faults at start-up

Chasys Draw IES 4.40.01 (23 May 2016):

  • New Image-mode: Object Animation
  • Timeline animation via Object Animation
  • New Tutorial: Object Animation
  • New stack rotation estimation algorithm
  • MegaStack™ stack data saving and loading
  • Improved installer and uninstaller
  • Improved multiple display support
  • Minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Repetitive "New Message" popups
  • [bug fix] High-quality rendering in Viewer
  • [bug fix] Missing thumbnails in Explorer

Chasys Draw IES 4.38.04 (21 Mar 2016):

  • TextArt 1.8 with three new fill-styles
  • Improved TextArt rendering, layout and UI
  • Improved plug-in handling and management
  • New Effect - Color / Gradient
  • Support for Jasc Paintshop brush files
  • Updated JPEG, JPEG-2000, WebP and TIFF support
  • Improved triggered multi-frame screen-capture
  • New Tutorial - Creating Watermarks
  • Improved stack image alignment
  • Minor UI improvements

Chasys Draw IES 4.37.02 (27 Jan 2016):

  • MegaStack™ plug-in for unlimited stacking
  • FastExternals 3,33 with sub-folder searching
  • Configurable TEMP folder (scratch-disk)
  • Improved TextArt rendering and layout
  • Improved Photoshop Plug-in support
  • Improved Autosave engine and UI
  • Improved Undo engine
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Device import failures

Chasys Draw IES 4.36.01 (21 Dec 2015):

  • Brush Engine 4.1 with improved fade and rotate
  • Improved language translation engine (LLTE 1.7)
  • Improved update system with direct installation
  • Improved measurement output for Markup Tool
  • Improved Palette with color-name editing
  • Improved Curves UI performance in rawPhoto
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] "Illegal Instruction" on some old CPUs

Chasys Draw IES 4.35.02 (30 Nov 2015):

  • New Effect - Dodge and Burn
  • New Effects Brush mode - Dodge
  • New Effects Brush mode - Burn
  • Select Tool renamed to Snip Tool
  • Improved Healing Brush performance
  • Aspect-ratio shortcuts in Smart-Resize
  • Support for keyboard application keys
  • New color option for new layers - Grey
  • Layer-group editing in Properties dialog
  • Too-tips for TextArt and Properties dialogs
  • Improved Local Contrast Enhancement effect
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Wrong default special symbol in TextArt

Chasys Draw IES 4.34.01 (22 Oct 2015):

  • New Tool - Healing Brush Tool (real-time)
  • New option for Effects Brush Tool - Highlight
  • Improved Shape Tool rendering and function
  • Improved Smart-Resize algorithm and UI
  • Improved Gaussian Blur responsiveness
  • Improved Diffuse Glow responsiveness
  • Keyboard shortcuts for tool parameters
  • [bug fix] Wrong layer drag-drop autoscroll direction
  • [bug fix] Shrinking not working for Smart-Resize
  • [bug fix] Invalid automation code for Grid effect

Chasys Draw IES 4.33.01 (14 Sep 2015):

  • Highly improved Magic Wand tool
  • Improved Pen and Path tool
  • Improved Cloning tool
  • Erase-to-white option for Eraser tool
  • Brush Engine 4.0 with several improvements
  • Improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2 '15/09)
  • FastExternals 3,31 with revised structures
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Some guide-lines not displaying correctly
  • [bug fix] Missing tooltip entries for Pen and Path
  • [bug fix] First few pixels darkened when dithering

Chasys Draw IES 4.32.01 (21 Aug 2015):

  • Navigation pane for Viewer
  • UI improvements for rawPhoto
  • Read support for SVG images (partial)
  • Improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2 '15/08)
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Adjustments may hang when low on memory
  • [bug fix] History shows incorrect tool icons
  • [bug fix] Memory-leak in flt_DSHOW.dll
  • [bug fix] Issues with old password-protected CD5 files

Chasys Draw IES 4.31.02 (08 Jul 2015):

  • Rotation compensation in Stack Alignment
  • New algorithm for Merge-to-HDR stacking
  • Transfer Function curve in Merge-to-HDR stacking
  • Transfer Function curve in Image Averaging stacking
  • New UI theme extended to more controls
  • New Tutorial: Image Stacking Tutorial
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] Mouse freeze while autosaving
  • [bug fix] Automated edge-detect too light
  • [bug fix] Popups remain hidden after some stack operations

Chasys Draw IES 4.30.01 (28 Apr 2015):

  • Neater User Interface with improved functionality
  • Selectable intent for Soft-proofing
  • Improved font matching in TextArt
  • New Effect - Render Grid-lines
  • New Effect - Render Clouds
  • FastExternals 3,30 with improved performance
  • Updated "pi_BasicImage" plug-in interface
  • Brush Engine 3.9 with improved renderer
  • Several minor improvements and optimizations
  • [bug fix] TextArt issues with fonts larger than 2000px
  • [bug fix] Crash while using some language files

Chasys Draw IES 4.29.01 (03 Mar 2015):

  • New Effect - Add Noise
  • New stacking option - Combine moving objects
  • Support for PaintShop Pro image files
  • Support for PaintShop Pro brush files
  • Thumbnails and InfoTips on 64-bit Windows
  • Improved Smart-Resize algorithm
  • Improved uninstaller (you won't need it, though)
  • Several minor code optimizations
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Erroneous inconsistency warnings
  • [bug fix] Crash while saving GIF files
  • [bug fix] Delayed response to brush attribute changes

Chasys Draw IES 4.28.05 (12 Jan 2015):

  • Major code-base cleanup
  • Brush Engine 3.8 with pressure fade and size
  • New effect - Local Contrast Enhancement
  • New stack alignment mode - Deviance
  • Highly improved Emboss effect
  • Improved Merge-to-HDR function
  • Improved Autosave function
  • Improved image size dialog
  • Improved gradient file handling
  • Improved palette editing and file handling
  • Some CD5 compressor optimizations
  • Support for large layers (200 MPix)
  • [bug fix] Saving gradient files not working

Chasys Draw IES 4.27.02 (01 Nov 2014):

  • Alpha Unblend image stacking function
  • Improved Context-sensitive Help
  • CD5 v3,30 with new compression engines
  • Onion-skinning through F9 and Space-bar
  • Added Onion-skinning to Animation Tutorial
  • Improved Snap-to-Grid feature
  • Improved Layer management logic
  • Improved Photoshop Plug-in support
  • Improved support for Paint.NET's PDN files
  • Several minor code optimizations
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Some paths are not closed
  • [bug fix] Workspace may freeze on build 4.27.01

Chasys Draw IES 4.25.03 (01 Sep 2014):

  • Text-to-Path function in TextArt
  • Path Tracing with custom brushes
  • New Transform - Subpixel Image Rendering
  • Triggered screen capture using num-lock key
  • Borderless full-screen mode for Viewer
  • Brush Engine 3.6 with improved accuracy
  • FastExternals 3,20 with pi_MetaMarkup
  • Improved, memory-efficient Undo engine
  • Improved PNG file support (updated code)
  • Improved PSD file support (text layers)
  • Improved WebP file support (animation and EXIF)
  • Several minor code optimizations
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Problems running some Photoshop 8BF plug-ins

Chasys Draw IES 4.24.01 (07 Jul 2014):

  • Improved "New Image" dialog with more options
  • Walk-through guide for stacking images
  • Menu option for opening multiple images at once
  • Improved NetPBM support with PAM (type P7)
  • All selection tools combined into one Select tool
  • New Select tool option - Free-form
  • Zoom to and Limit Preview to Actual Size
  • Write support for GPS geo-tagging data
  • Single-key shortcuts in Viewer
  • Several minor code optimizations
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Invalid MARK attachments in rawPhoto
  • [bug fix] LightScribe failure on multi-layer images

Chasys Draw IES 4.22.01 (05 May 2014):

  • Improved Stacking Engine with advanced alignment
  • Dynamic range controls for Image Averaging
  • QR Code Generator plug-in with APPL
  • Improved memory-efficient Undo Engine
  • State-icon for image-mode and improved icons
  • Write support for HD-Photo/JPEG-XR (via WIC)
  • FastExternals 3,15 with enhanced reporting
  • Read support for GPS geo-tagging data
  • Improved rendering for star polygons
  • Improved language engine (LLTE 1.6)
  • Updated RAW processor with support for new camera models
  • Minor improvements to Paste functionality
  • Minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Memory-leak in efx_Photoshop.dll
  • [bug fix] Temporary deadlock when checking folders
  • [bug fix] Access violation when showing some tips
  • [bug fix] Errors when loading TWAIN_32.dll
  • [bug fix] Errors when performing extreme shrinking

Chasys Draw IES 4.20.01 (10 Feb 2014):

  • Improved Photoshop Plug-in support
  • Improved Pen and Path Engine with PATHv3
  • Support for complex paths in PATHv3
  • Anti-aliasing options in Pen and Path
  • Anti-aliasing options for several tools
  • Synchronized recent items list
  • Improved UI for video capture
  • Faster graphics engine (JpDRAW2 Jan'14)
  • Metadata load from file and save to file
  • Blend-mode files for GIMP, Photoshop and Paint.NET
  • MRU list with preview in rawPhoto
  • Configurable UI Transparency in rawPhoto
  • [bug fix] Accuracy errors in cutting Pen and Path Data
  • [bug fix] TextArt gradients when cosmetics are off
  • [bug fix] EXIF dates missing in rawPhoto

Chasys Draw IES 4.15.01 (23 Oct 2013):

  • Support for both GIMP and Adobe Pattern files (.PAT)
  • Linear "Overlay" blend-mode renamed to "Offset"
  • New non-linear Overlay blend-mode
  • New Dodge and Burn blend-modes
  • Custom blend-mode via BLND attachment
  • Full feature support for Paint.NET's PDN files
  • PDN loading without dotNET platform installation
  • Improved PSD and XCF support (blending and rendering)
  • FastExternals 3,11 with improved error reporting
  • Opacity bars in Layers window
  • Several minor enhancements
  • [bug fix] Rendering errors for Curves/Strokes
build 02 (01 Nov 2013):
  • [bug fix] Erroneous format warnings
  • Improved UI for Align for Stacking
  • Improved UI feedback for Printing

Chasys Draw IES 4.14.01 (30 Sep 2013):

  • New Hand Tool option: Pan Image
  • Page-browsing gadget for Viewer
  • Layer Transparency as a property
  • Support for Google's WebP file format
  • Improved PSD/XCF/PDN support (opacity calculation)
  • High-speed GraphAsm execution (up to 100x faster)
  • Improved text rendering engine (TextArt 1.6)
  • Updated graphics engine (JpDRAW2 Sep'13)
  • FastExternals 3,10 with global alpha
  • CD5 v3,26 with global alpha support
  • [bug fix] Artifacts at some scaling ratios
  • [bug fix] TextArt rectangle selection
  • [bug fix] TextArt wordwrap hanging for long text
  • [bug fix] Minor thread management bugs
  • [bug fix] 8BF plug-in loading loop

Chasys Draw IES 4.12.05 (30 Aug 2013):

  • New effect: Liquify (image warping)
  • Support for Composite Clipping in Artist
  • Clipped display for PSD, XCF and PDN
  • Blending-mode simulation for Photoshop PSD
  • Merge-down option
  • New Sepia-tone algorithm
  • Improved Image Averaging
  • Improved Additive Stacking
  • Improved TextArt font selection
  • Improved PSD-TextTool support
  • Updated Graphics Engine (JpDRAW2 Aug'13)
  • [bug fix] Delay when launching Update
  • [bug fix] Pt-to-pix calculation for XCF

Chasys Draw IES 4.11.02 (21 Jul 2013):

  • Weighted Median Denoise with Luma Bias
  • 2 new fx-Brushes: Sepia-tone and Decolorize
  • Gradient Inversion
  • Four new FP Gradient options
  • New Stacking Engine with separate alignment
  • Two new super-resolution algorithms
  • New custom stacking function
  • Improved Merge-to-HDR function
  • Improved Image Averaging function
  • Improved Focus Stacking function
  • Improved Remove Moving Objects function
  • Updated RAW processor with support for new camera models
  • Improved Installer and Uninstaller
  • [bug fix] Paste as New with File
  • [bug fix] EXIF auto-rotation in Converter
  • [security] Fixed vulnerability in flt_BMP.dll

Chasys Draw IES 4.10.01 (12 Jun 2013):

  • New Image-mode: Composite--Clipped
  • New Image-mode: ImageList--Multi-Resolution
  • New Image-mode: Animation--Onion-Skinning
  • New Effect: 3-way Chromatic Aberation Correction
  • New Effect: Median Noise Reduction
  • New Effect: Chroma Blur
  • New Noise-Reduction Algorithms
  • Support for Kodak Photo-CD (including 64base)
  • Denoise option in Converter
  • UI and functionality improvements for Viewer
  • Configurable slideshow timer for Viewer
  • Several minor enhancements
  • [bug fix] Overflow of font-selection drop-down
  • [bug fix] Intermittent problem with zoom in Viewer
  • [bug fix] URL resolution when HTTP is not specified

Chasys Draw IES 4.06.02 (16 May 2013):

  • New Tool -- Smudge
  • New Printing feature -- Stretch to actual paper
  • Improved Print dialog and printing help
  • Read support for HD-Photo/JPEG-XR (via WIC)
  • Read support for Apple Icons (.icns)
  • Updated Symbols dialog with new Unicode ranges
  • Improved Photoshop 8BF Plug-in support
  • Resize by percentage in Converter
  • Resize DPI (maintain physical size) in Converter
  • Improved metadata resizing
  • [bug fix] Tile Transform
  • [bug fix] Word-wrap in TextArt
  • [bug fix] Installation of HD-Photo/WIC plug-in
  • [bug fix] Installation of Apple ICNS plug-in
  • [bug fix] Shortcuts left by Uninstaller

Chasys Draw IES 4.04.01 (28 Mar 2013):

  • Brush-tip Options (via Brush Engine 3.5)
  • Option to remember UI Layout
  • Improved handling for Photoshop 8BF Plug-ins
  • Time display for video plugins
  • Minor UI improvements
  • New Tutorial: Video to GIF conversion
  • New Language: Polish translation by mario_mc
  • [bug fix] Seeking when loading long movies
  • [bug fix] Workspace rotation
  • [bug fix] GT Shape - Rounded Rectangle

Chasys Draw IES 4.03.02 (18 Feb 2013):

  • Automation Engine with Scripting
  • Script/Macro recording function
  • Scripting interface for Effects
  • Scripting interface for Transforms
  • Scripting interface for Adjustments
  • Scripting interface for some layer operations
  • Highly improved video plugins
  • Workspace Cropping
  • Improved Notepad, now uses F2 key
  • Minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] DIB color interpretation
  • [bug fix] Dissolve effect

Chasys Draw IES 4.02.01 (07 Jan 2013):

  • Smart-resize
  • Color Decomposition (RGB, CMYK)
  • Read support for HD-Photo/JPEG-XR (via WIC)
  • Improved JPEG-2000 support
  • Improved AVI and DSHOW plugins
  • FastExternals 3.03
  • Improved internet functions
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Minor changes to bundled fx plugins

Chasys Draw IES 4.01.01 (22 Nov 2012):

  • Improved Printing Engine
  • New palette option - YUV Rainbow
  • Read support for Apple Icons (.icns)
  • Floating window for Layer Properties
  • Improved handling of password-protected CD5 files
  • Improved "save" dialogs for JPEG and JP2K
  • Updated "pi_BasicImage" plug-in interface
  • [bug fix] Layer Groups for Autosave
  • [bug fix] Integration between Viewer and Artist
  • [bug fix] Video capture in compressed mode
  • [bug fix] Slow XCF file read over RDP
Chasys Draw IES 4.00.01 (23 Sep 2012):
  • Install to USB (as portable app)
  • Support for Layer groups
  • New tool - Background Erase
  • New tool - Edge Treatment
  • New option for Smoother Tool - Alpha
  • New alpha effect - Shrink Opacity
  • Brush Engine 3.4 with brush repeat timer
  • FastExternals 3.01 with non-admin configuration
  • Changes to some user interface elements
  • [bug fix] Printing via Viewer
  • [bug fix] Duplicate frame removal
Chasys Draw IES 3.77.01 (20 Jul 2012):
  • Brush Engine 3.3 with Luma mode (demo brush included)
  • New option for Hand tool - Selected
  • New options for Crop and Rotate tool
  • Tag auto-replacement in Markup Editor
  • Re-editability for plugin-gererated content (APPL metadata)
  • "Text Circle" plug-in with re-editability
  • Several minor improvements
  • [bug fix] Missing icons on low-color desktop
  • [bug fix] Mixed-up icons on two dialog boxes
  • [bug fix] Crash when using shell to open image with notes
Chasys Draw IES 3.76.04 (04 Jun 2012):
  • TextArt 1.5 with wordwrap, v-align, line-spacing and a new editor
  • Support for Paint.NET PDN files (without dotNET)
  • New option for Pencil Tool - Block
  • New option for Dynamics Tool - Clipping Point
  • Updated Crop and Rotate Tool with 9 anchors
  • Updated Pattern Tool
  • Improved Power Management (lazy autosave if on battery)
  • Improved docking and window transparency
  • Improved PSD support
  • [bug fix] Autosave reclamation
  • Several minor improvements
Chasys Draw IES 3.75.01 (18 May 2012):
  • Resize tool with metadata-aware resizing
  • Snap-to-Grid function
  • Configurable Guides and Grids
  • Smart-dither to custom palette
  • Improved graphics engine with precision scaling
  • Asynchronous preview rendering engine
  • New autosave engine with zero lag
  • Improved workspace rendering engine
  • Improved palette with automatic color naming
  • Soft-proofing for palette swatches
  • Option to edit layers in separate windows
  • Transparency support in Pencil and Color Picker
  • Tool toggle via Tab key
  • HSV adjustment (replaces HSL)
  • High-speed HSL/HSV conversions (up to 3x)
  • Improved quick-select
  • [fixed bug] Color names for GIMP Palettes
  • [content] CMYK Default palette
Chasys Draw IES 3.72.01 (23 Mar 2012):
  • Five new layer blending modes (Divide, Difference, Minimum, Maximum, Saturation)
  • New Effects Brush: Under-paint (for adding background color)
  • New cloning mode: Above
  • New effect: Dissolve
  • Improved XCF and PSD support
  • Fixed markup auto-edit for hotspot tool
  • Fixed bug in JPEG Artifact Reduction
  • Other minor changes
Chasys Draw IES 3.71.02 (08 Mar 2012):
  • Shell-out: Link to any external editing program
  • Merge to HDR: Create HDR photos from bracketed shots
  • Focus Stacking: Increase depth-of-field for close-up photos
  • Improvements to all items under the Processes menu
  • Support for SVG and Adobe CS5 gradient files
  • Support for GIMP XCF files (including text layers)
  • Improved support for Photoshop PSD files
  • Blending option for Mask objects
  • Fixed spin-blur bug
  • Several minor improvements
Chasys Draw IES 3.70.01 (30 Jan 2012):
  • New Effects Brush - Colorize Foto: add color to black & white photos
  • New Effects Brush - Colorize Toon: add color to drawings and cartoons
  • Support for graphics pen rotation (e.g. Wacom Intuos with 6D Art Pen)
  • Brush Engine 3.0 with vectoring (demo brushes included)
  • Updated graphics engine (JpDRAW2, January 2012)
  • Improved shape tools
  • Improved gradient manager
  • Fixed bug related to preview window and crop tool
  • Fixed bug related to AVI video rectangle
  • Fixed other minor bugs
Chasys Draw IES 3.68.03 (23 Dec 2011):
  • Video cropping, optimization and rate conversion
  • Improved scanning (supports custom TWAIN UI's)
  • Support for scanner EXIF data
  • WIA plugin (as alternative scanning option)
  • Print uses DPI to set "specified dimensions"
  • Tip options for Eraser and Opaquer tools
  • Option to turn off decorative mouse pointers
  • Replaced most double-clicks with right-clicks
  • Improved GIF support
  • FastExternals 2.42 with improved pi_BasicImage
  • Fixed bug related to "Perspective" transform
  • Fixed bug related to "Properties" window
  • Fixed bugs in toolbox window controls
Chasys Draw IES 3.67.01 "Peppermint" (02 Nov 2011):
  • End-styles for Line and Curve tools
  • Improved clipboard (copy-paste) functionality
  • Numeric labels for all effect sliders
  • Full support for 32-bit PCX files
  • Improved Razor Tool
  • Improved Zoom Blur
  • Improved User Interface
  • Some bug fixes
Chasys Draw IES 3.66.02 "Oktober" (08 Sep 2011):
  • Full-screen mode for Artist
  • AQuE 2.0 (Anti-Quantization Engine)
  • Improved Tablet support (Brush Engine 2.5)
  • Arrow-head option for Line and Curve tools
  • New image presets
  • Thumbnails in recent-list
  • New UI for Levels adjustment
  • Improved support for AVI video files
  • Preview speed-up for animations in Artist
  • Comic-strip view for animations
  • Change of terminology: Texturizer is now "Roughen Tool"
  • FastExternals 2.41 with pi_BasicColor
  • Improved Photoshop 8BF for IES functionality
  • Some workspace optimizations
  • Jitter-corrected Video Screen Capture
  • Links to Facebook and Twitter
Chasys Draw IES 3.65.01 "ThunderBolt" (22 Jul 2011):
  • Brush Engine 2.4 + new brushes
  • Improved Razor tool
  • Improved PCX, PPM and GTX support
  • Fixed bugs in Adobe Brush/Pattern plug-in
  • FastExternals 2.31
  • Power Management for all apps
  • Improved Picker-Palette interaction
Chasys Draw IES 3.64.01 "DeepBlue" (02 Jun 2011):
  • Cleaner, faster UI
  • Major speed boost for effect previews
  • Saving an image is now fault-tolerant
  • Taskbar progress reporting for Windows 7
  • Improved transparency support in copy-paste
  • Enhanced pi_StateStore functionality
  • Improved Photoshop 8BF support
  • New effects: Spin blur, Zoom blur, Motion blur, Surface blur
  • Fixed several bugs
build 02 (14 Jun 2011):
  • New UI
  • Fixed a bug in fault-tolerant saving
  • Fixed a bug in Wacom Tablet support
Chasys Draw IES 3.63.01 "DarkMatter" (28 Apr 2011):
  • Highly improved Photoshop 8BF support
  • Silent Install option for central distibution
  • Drag-drop to Layers window
  • Improved RAW support
  • FastExternals 2.22 with new callback suite - pi_StateStore
  • External histogram window
  • Improved Touch Gadget
  • Fixed several bugs
Chasys Draw IES 3.62.01 "WhitePoint" (12 Apr 2011):
  • Dynamics Tool (Whitepoint/Greypoint/Blackpoint)
  • Paste as New
  • Improved Magnetic Lasso algorithm
  • Super-Res via Heuristics can do multiple layers
  • Improved shell integration
Chasys Draw IES 3.61.01 "Nightshift" (10 Mar 2011):
  • New paper size presets
  • TextArt G4 Engine (up to 10x faster)
  • Minor UI improvements
  • Fixed several bugs
Chasys Draw IES 3.60.02 "Parallax" (11 Feb 2011):
  • Highly improved batch conversion
  • Converter can duplicate subfolder hierarchies
  • New Effect: Diffuse Glow
  • Multipage Document support in Viewer
  • Stricter language controls with LLTE 1.2
  • Improved updater and modernized installer
  • Improved UI for all applications
  • Several internal changes
build 3.60.02 (14 Feb 2011):
  • Fixed bugs with AVI, ANI and GIF
build 3.60.03 (16 Feb 2011):
  • Fixed bugs in Installer
Chasys Draw IES 3.56.01 "Outreach" (28 Nov 2010):
  • Rebuilt as a UNICODE application
  • Live Language Translation Engine 1.1
  • Multiple language support (7 language files included)
  • Improved Crop and Rotate Tool
  • Improved UI for all applications
  • FastExternals 2.21
  • New pi_BASICIMAGE APIs: translate(), transform(), and convolute()
build 3.56.02 (16 Dec 2010):
  • Fixed bugs with AVI, ANI and GIF
Chasys Draw IES 3.41.01 "BellaPlex" (11 Oct 2010):
  • New Tool: Crop and Rotate
  • Improved Tool Engine
  • Support for Adobe Pattern files (.PAT)
  • Improved texture object handling
  • Several internal changes
Chasys Draw IES 3.40.02 "Bella" (20 Sep 2010):
  • Major speed boost over previous versions
  • CD/DVD Printing with LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling
  • New Layer option: "Floating Layer"
  • New decorative - Ballmap
  • Backing color specification for new layers
  • Highly improved Icon Generator engine
  • Improved support for Photoshop 8BF plugins
  • Improved Autosave subsystem
  • Device SDK updated to release from provisional
  • SDK updated, includes new functionality (pi_BasicImage)
  • Fixed some issues with the tooltip and animation
  • UI refresh for Converter
  • Fixed CPU counter and rotate for Converter
  • Revised "New Image" icons and CD/DVD label auto-content
  • JpDRAW2 update Sep'10
Chasys Draw IES 3.37.01 "La Vida" (24 Aug 2010):
  • Advanced Resampling Engine replaces Resizer for IES
  • Improved Gradient objects, allow point edits
  • Improved TextArt
  • Improved Video Screen Capture
  • New Templates: CD Label, Scan, Screencast, Capture
  • Minor UI and Shell Tweaks
Chasys Draw IES 3.36.01 "Viva" (22 Jul 2010):
  • Brush Engine 2.0 with brush metadata
  • AQuE (Anti-Quantization Engine)
  • Improved Hand usability
  • Configurable preview background
  • Highly improved screen shot engine
  • New Tutorials
  • Pen and Tablet support (all WinTAB devices including Wacom)
build 3.36.02 (Jul 2010):
  • Brush Engine update from version 2.0 to version 2.1
  • JpDRAW2 minor update 25 Jul '10
Chasys Draw IES 3.33.06 (21 Jun 2010):
  • Bug fixes (TGA)
  • Improved project templates
  • Improved workspace
Chasys Draw IES 3.33.03 (17 Jun 2010):
  • Pen and Tablet support (all WinTAB devices incl. Wacom)
  • Object-aware Hand Tool
  • Major upgrades to rawPhoto
  • Improved Noise Reduction
  • JPEG DPI mark-up
  • Full EXIF-in-RAW support with editing
  • Image information popup in Viewer
  • Many fixes for UI, core and Win-7 support
Chasys Draw IES 3.31.01 (04 Jun 2010):
  • Many fixes for UI, core and Win-7 support
  • Completely redesigned Viewer with zoom
  • Improved zoom functionality
  • Full EXIF read and write support
  • Sizable Mark-up window
Chasys Draw IES 3.29.01 (14 May 2010):
  • Project templates
  • Color filter matrices
  • Animated cursor creation
  • Mark-up broadcast and EXIF support
  • Improved history palette, gradient manager, full-page GTs and texture plexus
  • Input method upgrade
  • Better JIT memory compressor and CD5 encoder
  • New Tool - Blocks tool
  • Soft proofing with ICC profiles
Chasys Draw IES 3.27.01 (13 Apr 2010):
  • New Tool - Blocks tool
  • Soft proofing with ICC profiles
  • Improved rawPhoto, added clipboard and fixed sRGB issue
  • Improved UI animation and response
  • Improved Texture Brush
  • History Palette
Chasys Draw IES 3.22.02 (24 Feb 2010):
  • NONE blending mode
  • Mouse zoom and pan works even with modal effects dialogs
  • Highly improved unsharp masking
  • New effects engine, including Wavelet denoising
  • Multimode Brush Object
  • Improved Super-resolution, optimized for Camera phones
  • Multiple Layer attachments (unlimited size), including Layer annotations
  • Maximum tool width increased to 1024pix
  • Five-method palette (Swatches, HSL, HSV, RGB, CMYK)
  • New shortcuts (re-pressing a quick-select reverts, layer deletion via Del key)
Chasys Draw IES 3.21.01 (02 Feb 2010):
  • New effects engine, including Wavelet denoising
  • Multimode Brush Object
  • Improved Super-resolution, optimized for Camera phones
  • Multiple Layer attachments (unlimited size), including Layer annotations
  • Maximum tool width increased to 1024pix
  • Five-method palette (Swatches, HSL, HSV, RGB, CMYK)
Chasys Draw IES 3.11.01 (14 Dec 2009):
  • raw-Input Application
  • Brush object and Gadget
  • Custom & Animated brushes - GBR and CD5
  • Alternate pattern brush
  • Fluid scrolling and Minor UI adjustments for Artist
  • Multi-method palette (Swatches, HSL, HSV)
  • Alpha Protection extended to merges
  • Touch Gadget
  • Minor UI adjustments for Viewer (cursor, close btn, no-zoom)
  • New Development Base
Chasys Draw IES 3.05.01 (10 Oct 2009):
  • Custom FP gradients and gradient map object
  • Support for gradient files (.ggr, .grd & .gra)
  • Support for Adobe color tables (.act)
  • New FP gradients: reflected angular, diamond and star
  • Linkage to Wishlist
  • Palette Preview
  • Point color editing
  • Highly improved TextArt
  • Fixes some issues with PSD loading
Chasys Draw IES 2.74 (15 Jul 2009):
  • Alpha Protection (Transparency Protection)
  • Minor Fixes
Chasys Draw IES 2.73 (24 Jun 2009):
  • Textart now accepts alpha in textures
  • Added 'Make Tile' effect
  • Added 'Save Group' option
  • Added Luma blending mode
  • Added hard merge (blit)
Chasys Draw IES 2.72 (23 Jun 2009):
  • Added Luma Wand tool
  • Fixed PNG, TIFF transparency issues
  • Fixed Smart-Paste transparency
  • TextArt "border" fill style fixed
Chasys Draw IES 2.71 (06 Jun 2009):
  • Two new blending modes - Hue and Chroma
  • Multiple layer-based textures
  • TextArt G3 engine with LINK metadata
  • Improved alpha shift
Chasys Draw IES 2.70 Beta (29 May 2009):
  • Improvements in code and user interface
Chasys Draw IES 2.69 (12 May 2009):
  • DirectSHOW® video import plug-in added
  • Minor changes to the SDK (backward compatible)
  • Best-in-class post-edit heuristics anti-aliasing engine
  • Small-screen mode for netbook use
Chasys Draw IES 2.68 (17 Apr 2009):
  • Improvements in code and user interface
  • Improved parallel process engine for Converter
  • Re-designed user interface for Converter
Chasys Draw IES 2.67 "EasterEgg" (10 Apr 2009):
  • Just-in-time memory compression
  • Pantone equivalent palettes for PMS 100 to 814-2x
  • Improved super-resolution and stacking
  • Improved color matching and printing
Chasys Draw IES 2.66 "Switch-Blade" (25 Mar 2009):
  • Support for Photoshop filter plug-ins (.8bf) - still a bit crude, but it works
  • New blending mode: Overlay
  • Streamlined SDKs with no restrictions
  • Improvements in code and user interface
Chasys Draw IES 2.65 "Ivy" (16 Mar 2009):
  • Improvements in code and user interface
Chasys Draw IES 2.64 "Ivy" (05 Mar 2009):
  • Removed restrictions on plug-in development
  • Editable poly-lines and poly-curves
  • New shapes in shape tool
  • Improved re-editable text tool
  • Video sequence composer engine
Chasys Draw IES 2.63 "Kazara" (23 Feb 2009):
  • Fully anti-aliased work-flow model (all tools)
  • "magnetic lasso" mode in Pen and Path tool
  • New tool - full-page gradients
  • Photoshop PSD read plug-in added
  • Improved graphics engine
  • Polygon selection tool
  • New gadget - color histogram
  • Anti-aliasing for Pen & Path tool and Path menu
Chasys Draw IES 2.61 "Ivy" (04 Feb 2009):
  • Shell integration with thumbnails
  • Anti-aliased Pen and Path object cutting
  • Constrained recolor brush
  • Slicing tool for web and user interface design
  • C++ code module output for inline image generation
  • Pen & path tool and path menu
  • Multiple display monitor setup support
  • Metadata save and restore for text formatting and path data
  • Minor user interface enhancements
Chasys Draw IES 2.56 "Sniper-Kit" ():
  • Metadata save and restore
  • New Tool - Pen and Path
  • Physical measurement specification
  • Video sequence composer engine
  • Faster auto-saves
  • Adaptive scrolling
  • Memory management for low-on-RAM machines
Chasys Draw IES 2.55 (25 Nov 2008):
  • Five new super-resolution modes
  • Anti-aliasing in brush, line and shape tools
  • Jpeg2000 read/write plug-in added
  • Cursor load and save added to ICL
  • Video capture from TV/video device
  • Multi-frame super-resolution and averaging
  • Moving object removal (via image-stacking)
  • AVI video plug-in with movie-file protection
  • Calculator utility now has conversions
  • New transforms and effects
  • Improved graphics and effects engines
  • Minor user interface enhancements
  • Fixed a few minor bugs
Chasys Draw IES 2.51 (05 Sep 2008):
  • Relaxed demo-version restrictions
  • Added animation and multi-resolution editing modes
  • GIF and CD5 animation and animation rotation
  • Upgraded graphics engine for more speed
  • Tool and effect engine upgrades
  • ICL/EXE/DLL extraction plug-in included
  • Universal CD5 decoder supporting all CD5's, old and new
  • HTML output for in-browser previewing
  • Fixed a few minor bugs
Chasys Draw IES 2.50 "Latifah" (Apr-Sep 2008):
  • Introduction of Layers
  • Experimental and parallel to versions 2.43~2.45
  • Total overhaul of internal structure
  • Fully Vista UAC compliant
  • CD5 v3 (streamable tag-based container-style format)
Chasys Draw Artist 2.45 "Clara on Fire" (Apr-May 2008):
  • Experimental edition released only to beta-testers
  • Officially withdrawn in May of 2008.
Chasys Draw Artist 2.43 (Mar 2008):
  • (unspecified)
Chasys Draw Artist 2.42 Beta (29 Jan 2008):
  • New User Interface
  • Image Viewer Browser Slideshow
  • Vista Compatibility
  • Revised Plug-ins and SDK
  • Artistic-Text
  • Text Cosmetics L2
  • Texture Mapper
  • Pattern Brush
  • Variable alpha for Eraser and Opaquer
  • Point undo for Curve and object tools
  • Cloning Brush
  • Multi-Print Blow-Up
  • Precision Printing with Super-surf L2
Chasys Draw Artist 2.01 (2007):
  • Photo editing features
  • Automations to make workflow smoother for the user
  • Comprehensive tutorials
  • Many features re-designed to make them easier to use
  • Multi-threading was introduced
  • Improved auto-save engine
  • Converter and image browser utilities added
Chasys Draw Artist 1.80 (2006):
  • "chazy-glass" user interface
Chasys Draw Artist 1.63 (Dec 2005):
  • Anti-aliasing
  • Full support for alpha channels
  • CD5 v2 (advanced compression, full alpha, encryption)
  • Awarded IEEE (Kenya Chapter) Award in ICT
Chasys Draw Artist 1.54 (2005):
  • Major user interface changes
  • Major internal changes
Chasys Draw Artist 1.27 ():
  • First widespread release
Chasys Draw Artist 1.22 (Apr 2004):
  • Addition of many tools and effects
Chasys Draw Artist 1.0 (2003):
  • Entire codebase moved to C/C++
  • JpDRAW2
  • Re-baptized as "Chasys Draw Artist"
  • CD5 v1 (a.k.a. "cd5 trendies")
Chasys Draw DTFx "Direct Tool eFfects" (May 2002):
  • JpDRAW1 (based on GDI)
  • Major updates to the graphics code
  • Lots of new tools
Chasys Draw classic (Nov 2001):
  • First version done in Visual Basic
  • Rather simple bitmap editor
  • Gradient
  • Introduced CD5 v0.1

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