Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Language Studio

Language Studio


Chasys Draw IES supports user interface languages other than English via the use of LLTE Language Files. Although you can edit language files manually using any text editor, doing so can be a tedious process. It can also be difficult to figure out which phrases have changed and which phrases have been introduced by new versions. That’s where LLTE Studio comes in. This utility, included with Chasys Draw IES, simplifies the process by providing an interface that compares your language file with a standard template (which it will occasionally ask for permission to refresh) and if it finds any deltas between your file and the template, it will highlight them and give you options for quickly jumping between them and making the necessary edits. It will also handle the formatting and versioning details.

Refreshing the Language Template requires an internet connection. The data transfered is approximately 0.2 MB and it remains valid for 24 hours unless you force the application to refresh the template before that period expires.


Using Language Studio

The Language Studio has a straight-forward interface that lists all phrases and their translation, highlighting missing translations (in red) and obsolete translations (in yellow). You can jump between highlighted translation using the provided skip-forward and skip-backward buttons. The status bar shows a summary of the language file, including the target language and the number of valid translations as compared to the template.

When you select a phrase, the original phrase and its translation are populated into the edit boxes at the bottom. You can change the text using those edit boxes as you wish; the changes are applied immediately.

Please note that the language template is changed frequently and that the completeness of your language file as reported by the Language Studio will drop over time. This is as a result of new phrases being introduced when new versions of Chasys Draw IES are released (or are being prepared for realease, since the template will usually be availed a few days before launch).