Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Effects - Image

Effects : Image

Synthetic Enhance

Applies a proprietary transform to improve the level of contrast and color definition in photos.


Dynamic Contrast

Adjusts contrast. Takes into account the color balance in the photo.


Local Contrast Enhancement

Performs local contrast enhancement, i.e. enhances the contrast between each pixel and its general surrounding.


Dodge and Burn

This adjustment either dodges or burns the image depending on the set level. If set to a positive value, it dodges the image to correct for underexposure by brightning the image; if set to a negative value, it burns the image to correct for overexposure by darkening it.


Make Tile

Creates a repeatable tile mosaic from the image.


Post-edit Antialiasing

Attempts to identify aliased edges and replaces them with heuristically generated smooth anti-aliased edges.



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