Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free?

Yes. If you were asked to pay for it, I recommend that you ask for a refund. I do accept donations, though.


Can I get the source code?

No. There are no plans to release the source for the applications, although I occasionally release source code for plugins and the like (check the /source folder in your installation package). This position is unlikely to change.


Movement is jerky / Video bandwidth is too low

Modern computers should not have this issue.
Possible causes:

  • A problem with the graphic card drivers / configuration
  • Slow computer connected to a screen with a resolution that is too high for it


Printing takes ages to complete

Possible causes:

  • Limited memory (RAM)
  • Limited space on the hard-disk being used for spooling
  • High level of fragmentation on the hard-disk being used for spooling


Are there any plans to port it to other operating systems?

The simple answer is no. Each OS is unique; each has its own implementation intricacies, bugs, and support issues. For each supported OS, a separate code base will have to be written, tested and maintained, and that will mean less time for adding new features and fixing bugs. Additionally, I'll need to understand the programming models associated with each OS before I can start programming for it, and even then, I still won't be very good at programming for that OS, so the initial versions will be choke-full of bugs. I've had more than 18 years of experience programming for Windows (as of December 2017) and therefore, even years after porting to another OS, the Windows version will still run better and have fewer bugs. For these and many other reasons, porting Chasys Draw IES to other OSes will be, contrary to what one might expect, very bad for the future of the project.



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