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SDK - Callback Suites - Table of Contents

SDK - Callback Suites

About Callback Suites

Calback suites extend the functionality of the interface they appear in by exposing extended services provided by the host, such as graphics services, color services, storage services, etc. They ease plug-in devcelopment by allowing plug-ins to leverage functionality that has already been implemented in the host application.

The following suites are currently available for use by all plug-ins:

pi_StateStore Provides the plug-in with a way of storing/persisting state information (such as the positions of scroll-bars) and configuration data (settings) so that it can be used the next time the plug-in is loaded.
pi_MetaMarkup Provides the plug-in with functionality for handling mark-up metadata.
pi_BasicQuery Provides the plug-in with a way to query the host for other interfaces.
pi_BasicImage Provides the plug-in with basic image allocation and management functionality, including allocation, deallocation, GDI interoperability, and blitting/blending.
pi_BasicColor Provides the plug-in with basic color conversion and manipulation functionality, including color space conversions.
pi_BasicUtils not implemented



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