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Effects : Color

Replace Color

Replaces all color#1 with color#2 or a color determined by the provided color shift parameters; within specified tolerances.



Decolorizes the source image.


Duo Tone

Creates a continuous-tone images consisting of color#1 and color#2 and all combinations thereof, as dictated by the luminance in the source image.



Creates the illusion of reduced color bit-depth.



Same as posterize, but limits the bit-depth to one bit per channel and adds the option to set the threshold for the bit.



Inverts all the color channels in the image; this has the effect of replacing colors with their complementary colors.



Uses the luminance if the image to index into the current gradient object then applies the resulting colors to the image; this has the effect of replacing a plain gradient with the current custom gradient.


Limit Colors

Resamples the image to contain a specified maximum number of 256 colors. You can choose to use a fixed or an optized palette, and you can also choose whether or not to use dithering.


Channel Manipulation

See color matrix filter.



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