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PDF Writer and Reader


The PDF Writer functionality in Chasys Draw IES Artist allows you to generate PDF files as an alternative to printing images to paper or to virtual PDF printers. It allows you to select paper size, orientation, PDF preferences and various options which determine how the image will be fitted onto the pages of the PDF document.

It shows you a preview created using information collected from your selected options to give you some idea of what the final work will look like.

The PDF Reader functionality, on the other hand, allows you to import images from PDF files.

It asks you to choose a PDF file to read then it shows you a list of the images detected within the file with thumbnails and the option of previewing them individually. You can then select the ones you would like to import.


PDF Writer Options

Currently, Chasys Draw IES Artist supports the following options for PDF generation:

Option Details
Paper Size The physical size of the pages in the PDF document. This is usually set to a standard size such as A4 (29.7 x 21.0 cm).
Paper Orientation The orientation of the page, i.e. landscape (wide and short) or portrait (narrow and tall). By default, the orientation will be set to match the orientation of the image you're working on.
Ignore Physical Size When this option is selected, the PDF Writer will ignore any PPI (physical size) information in the source image and fit it to the page instead. By default, the PPI information will be used to preserve the physical size of the image so that when the PDF is printed, the image matches the physical size of the original. For example, when you scan your passport, create a PDF then print the PDF, the image of the passport on the printed page will be the same exact size as the original passport if this option is not selected.
Codec Settings

The images in the PDF document are encoded using either the JPEG or JPEG-2000 codecs via the relevant plug-ins. This option allows you to set the default settings for JPEG and JPEG-2000, which are the settings that will be selected as defaults when writing the PDF (you will, however, be offered an opportunity to select different settings).

PDF Title and Author These fields allow you to set the title and author information included in the PDF document. The default author is populated automatically (you can change this via Configure > Other Settings).



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