Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Sprite-sheets


What is a Sprite-sheet?

A sprite-sheet is a representation of a frame animation in a single image in which the frames of the animation are arranged as tiles like in a comic book. The animation properties are then added as editable metadata. The end result is an animation representation that is very portable and very easy to work with. Because a sprite-sheet is one image, it can be imported into an object animation, in which case Chasys Draw IES will not only animate the layer, but also the frame animation embedded within it, thus providing a simple “video layer” that may be used to embed a frame animation within another animation.


Sprite-sheets are a relatively new feature in Chasys Draw IES.
Embedded Animations

As mentioned above, sprite-sheets can be added to Object Animations to create layers that play video content. This can be used to embed animations within other animations together with other content, whether animated and static, to create complex compound animations. The sprite-sheet may also have animation effects defined for it as well.

When saving animations containing sprite-sheets, remember to save them as CD5. If you need them in another format such as GIF, AVI or ANI, you’ll need to first convert to frame animation by selecting “Render Object Animation” from the “Animation” menu.

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