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Bundled Plug-ins

About Bundled Plug-ins

Chasys Draw IES comes bundled with more than 50 plug-ins, including file format plug-ins, effects plug-ins and even device plug-ins. This section serves as a help file for some of these plug-ins.


Table of Contents

Here are some of the plug-ins that come bundled with Chasys Draw IES:

Please be advised that plug-ins may and do use services exposed by other plug-ins; for instance, the plug-in for icons (flt_ICO.dll) requires the assistance of the plug-in for PNG files (flt_PNG.dll) to load hi-res icons that utilize PNG streams, and the plug-in for OpenRaster (flt_ORA.dll) needs the PNG plug-in to load and save layer data for all ORA files. Removing the PNG plug-in will therefore affect the functionality of the ICO plug-in, and completely disable the ORA plug-in.

In short, removing a plug-in may have unintended consequences that extend beyond the main function of the said plug-in.



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