Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Tools - Table of Contents

Tools - Table of Contents

Chasys Draw IES Artist Tools (in order of appearance)

Here are the tools provided in Chasys Draw IES in the order in which they appear. Please note that these help pages can be accessed directly from within Chasys Draw IES Artist at any time by pressing the F1 button on the keyboard. The help page for the tool you are currently using will be displayed.

Not all tools are available in all image-modes. Tools that are unavailable in the selected image-mode may be hidden from view to save space.



A note on Quick-Select and Tool Toggle

When quick-select (tool shortcuts) is enabled, a letter is displayed at the top left corner of the icons of some tools. Pressing the indicated letter on the keyboard while drawing switches to that tool; e.g. pressing the 'H' key to enable the Hand tool when using the default mappings. You can customize the mappings of quick-select from the Configure / Shortcut Keys menu:

Clicking the middle mouse button (or pressing the click-wheel) toggles the current tool with the most recently used tool; pressing it again reverses the change. This can also be accomplished by pressing the Tab key on the keyboard.



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