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LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling

What is LightScribe?

LightScribe is a technology from HP that uses your CD/DVD drive to print images directly onto the label side of your discs. After you've burned your music, photos or data onto your disc, you flip it over, put it back in the drive and print an image onto it. LightScribe uses specially coated CDs and DVDs to produce laser-etched labels with text and graphics, as opposed to stick-on labels and printable discs.

LightScribe-compatible CD/DVD drives and the specially coated discs they use are marked as such using the LightScribe logo, shown on the left.


How do I use LightScribe?

After you’ve created your CD/DVD label design, go to the File menu and select Send to Device. You'll be presented with a dialog box where you can choose the device plug-in you want to send the image to:

Choose LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling then click Send. Chasys Draw IES will link to the dev_LightScribe plug-in, which will link to the LightScribe print drivers and coordinate the printing process. You'll normally be presented with a dialog box where you can set the print options:

Once the printing process has started, you can return to Chasys Draw IES and continue with your work; the printing process will continue running in the background.


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