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Automation : Scripting Effects


All commands for effects start with “fx_”. Here’s the listing of the available commands and their syntax:

Command & Syntax Details
fx_antialias type level param;

Parameters are type [normal, edges] and level [0..100], param [0..100].

fx_bilevel lim_r lim_g lim_b lim_a flags; Bilevelize.
The parameters lim_r, lim_g, lim_b, lim_a [0..100] are the cutoff limits for the color channels, while the flags parameter [r|g|b|a] indicates which channels should be modified.
fx_chromablur level; Chroma Blur.
The parameter level [0..100] is the effect level.
fx_chromakey type level #color; Chroma Keying.
The parameter type [normal, exact, black, white] is the kind of keying to perform, level [0..100] is the effect level, #color is the color to key and type [0..3] indicates the type of chroma-keying to use.
fx_clouds x_size y_size detail seed turbulent tilable #color1 #color2; Render Clouds.
The parameters x_size, y_size, detail [0..100] are the effect levels, seed is the seed value for the randomizer, turbulence [yes, no] indicates whether or not to use turbulence, tilable [yes, no] indicates if the pattern will be tilable, #color1 and #color2 are the colors to use.
fx_correct_ca level_r level_g level_b; Chromatic Aberration Correction.
The parameters level_r, level_g, level_b [-5..+5] are the effect levels for the three channels (percentage, decimals allowed).
fx_correct_ca r.x, r.y, g.x, g.y, b.x, b.y; Color Misalignment Correction.
The parameters r.x, r.y, g.x, g.y, b.x, b.y [-10..+10] are the X and Y distances for the three channels (pixels, decimals allowed).
fx_correct_jpeg level; JPEG Artifact Correction.
Parameter is level [0..100].
fx_decolor level; Decolorize.
Parameter is level [0..100].
fx_diffglow level threshold radius; Diffuse glow.
All parameters are [0..100].
fx_displace zero mul_x mul_y off_x off_y file-path; Displace.
Parameters are zero [0..192], which is the zero level in the displacement map, mul_x, mul_y, the displacement multipliers, off_x, off_y and file-path (URL-encoded string therefore no spaces).
fx_dissolve; Dissolve.
No parameters.
fx_duotone #light_color #dark_color; Duotone.
Both parameters are #color.
fx_dyncontrast level flags; Dynamic Contrast.
Parameters are level [0..100] and flags parameter [r|g|b|a]. The latter indicates which channels should be modified.
fx_edgedetect level; Edge Detection.
Parameter is level [0..100].
fx_emboss type level angle; Emboss.
Parameters are type parameter [normal, relief, alpha], level [0..100] and angle [0..360].
fx_gaussblur radius flags; Gaussian Blur.
The parameter radius [0..1024] is the gaussian kernel radius while the flags parameter [r|g|b|a] indicates which channels should be modified.
fx_gradient point_list...;

Gradient mapping.
The point list consists of a number (the "count") followed by "count" coordinate pairs, e.g.
fx_gradient 3 0 0 128 128 255 255 ;

fx_grid width_x width_y offset_x offset_y spacing_x spacing_y intersect_x intersect_y opacity #color; Grid.
The width parameters determine the line width. The offset is the start-point for the first line. Spacing is the spacing between lines. Intersect is the size of intersections. The opacity parameter [0..100%] determines how visible the lines are.
fx_halo size blur #color; Halo.
The parameter size [0..100] is the halo size (percentage), blur is the blurring level [0..100] and #color is the color of the halo.
fx_highpass level flags; Sharpen, High-pass filter.
Parameters are level [0..100] and flags parameter [r|g|b|a]. The latter indicates which channels should be modified.
fx_limitcolor pal_type pal_size dithering;

Limit Colors.
The parameter pal_type [optimal, current] determines the palette to use, the default being “optimal” which generates an optimized octree palette. The parameter pal_size [8..256] determines size of the palette where applicable. The parameter dithering [none, floyd, jarvis, atkinson] determines the dithering algorithm if any. The value "floyd" means Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion, "jarvis" means Jarvis-Judice-Ninke error diffusion and "atkinson" means Atkinson partial error diffusion. The preferred method is Floyd-Steinberg.

fx_localcontrast level locality bk_sub color_mode subtract_mode; Local Contrast Enhancement.
Parameters are level [0..100], locality [0..100], bk_sub [0..100], color_mode parameter [luma, rgb], and subtract_mode parameter [black, white].
fx_lowpass level flags; Blur, Low-pass filter.
Parameters are level [0..100] and flags parameter [r|g|b|a]. The latter indicates which channels should be modified.
fx_lumasharp level; Sharpen, Luma.
Parameter is level [0..100].
fx_maketile type overlap; Make Tile.
The parameter type [normal, content] is the algorithm to use and overlap [0..100] is the percentage of overlap. The “content” algorithm is currently not supported.
fx_matconv elements ... ; Convolution Matrix.
Parameters are a list of 25 elements representing a 5x5 matrix.
fx_matfilt elements ... ; Color Filter Matrix.
Parameters are a list of 20 elements representing a 5x4 matrix. The columns are input R, G, B, A and Offset, while the rows are output R, G, B and A. All values use 1.0 as 100%; e.g.
    1.0    0.0    0.0    0.0    0.0
    0.0    1.0    0.0    0.0    0.0
    0.0    0.0    1.0    0.0    0.0
    0.0    0.0    0.0    1.0    0.0   ;
fx_motionblur level direction; Motion-blur.
Parameters are level [0..100] and direction [0..360] (direction of motion).
fx_negative; Negative.
No parameters.
fx_nr_bayer pixels; Bayer Denoise.
Parameters is pixels [2..7]. This corresponds to the number of pixels to consider as a bayer matrix cell.
fx_nr_linear blurring threshold flags; Linear Denoise.
Parameters are blurring [0..100], threshold [0..100] and flags parameter [r|g|b|a]. The latter indicates which channels should be modified.
fx_nr_median radius; Median Denoise.
Parameter is radius [1..16].
fx_nr_wavelet luminance chrominance; Wavelet Denoise.
Parameters are luminance [0..100] and chrominance [0..100].
fx_oilify level; Oilify.
Parameter is level [0..100].
fx_pinch level; Pinch.
Parameter is level [-100..+100].
fx_pixelate pixels; Pixelate.
Parameter is pixels [2..128].
fx_premultiply_alpha; Premultiply Alpha.
No parameters.
fx_posterize bits flags; Posterize.
Parameters are bits [1..7] and flags parameter [r|g|b|a]. The latter indicates which channels should be modified.

fx_recolor selectivity #ref_clr #new_clr;

fx_recolor selectivity #ref_clr delta_hue delta_sat delta_val;

The first two parameters are selectivity [0..100] and ref_color (color to replace). If using a replacement color, one more parameter is required, namely new_color. If using color shifting, a three more parameters are required, namely delta_hue [-180..180], delta_sat [-100..100] and delta_val [-100..100].
fx_reflection height opacity gradient; Reflection.
Parameters are height [0..100], opacity [0..100] and gradient [0..100].
fx_shadow visibility distance blur #color; Drop Shadow.
Parameters are visibility [0..100], distance [0..100] blur [0..100] and #color.
fx_sharpen level flags; Sharpen, Normal.
Parameters are level [0..100] and flags [r|g|b|a]. The latter indicates which channels should be modified.
fx_shrinkalpha pixels; Shrink Alpha.
Parameter is pixels [-32..+32] (pixels to add or shave off).
fx_smartsharp intensity threshold tolerance flags;

Smart Sharpen.
Parameters are intensity [0..100], threshold [0..4096], tolerance [0..100] and flags parameter [r|g|b|a].

fx_spinblur angle center_x center_y; Spin-blur.
Parameters are angle [0..15] and center_x / center_y (center of rotation).
fx_surfaceblur threshold radius; Surface-blur.
Parameters are threshold [0..100] and radius [0..256].
fx_synenhance; Synthetic Enhance.
fx_twirl angle center_x center_y; Twirl.
Parameter are angle [-360..+360] and center_x / center_y (center of rotation).
fx_unmultiply_alpha; Unmultiply Alpha.
No parameters.
fx_unsharp intensity threshold radius flags;

Unsharp masking.
Parameters are intensity [0..100], threshold [0..100], radius [0..100] and flags [r|g|b|a].

fx_watermark pos_x pos_y size fade file-path; Watermark.
Parameters are pos_x [0..100], pos_y [0..100], size [0..100], fade [0..100] and file-path (URL-encoded string therefore no spaces).
fx_zoomblur level center_x center_y; Zoom-blur.
Parameters are level [0..100] and center_x / center_y (center of zoom).


You can generate script code for most commands in Chasys Draw IES by using them while running the record function.



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