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Effects : Shell Out

About Shell-out

Shell-out allows you to send a layer out to another program for editing, then get back the resulting image. Chasys Draw IES saves the layer to a temporary file, and launches the specified application with that file. It then waits for the program to close and imports the file back to the layer.

This is the interface through which you select the program to shell-out to. Just select the program and click "connect" (or just double-click). You can add more programs to the list if you wish.

Chasys Draw IES will go into an inactive state until you close the program you have shelled-out to.

To shell-out to another instance of Chasys Draw IES, use the "Edit in New Window" option under the Edit menu. Unlike standard shell-out, this option allows you to edit layer attachments during the shell-out operation.



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