Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: LLTE - Language Engine

LLTE - Language Engine


Although Chasys Draw IES uses English as its default language, you can easily change the user-interface to any language you wish by installing and selecting a specially designed language file. This functionality is enabled via an internal component called LLTE (Live Language Translation Engine). You can install as many language files as you wish and change languages at any time. To make this easy for you, Chasys Draw IES provides a configuration dialog where you can select, manage and even download language files:

Language Files can be added or removed at any time, even if Chasys Draw IES is running; however, changes only take effect at application start.



What is LLTE?

LLTE (Live Language Translation Engine) is the component of Chasys Draw IES that enables the software to support user interface languages other than English. The LLTE translates text from English to any target language in real time, prior to displaying it on the screen.

To convert text from one language to the other, LLTE uses special files called LLTE Language Files, with an extension .lang. These can be found in the /language sub-directory of your Chasys Draw IES installation. A language file contains a list of words or phrases with their corresponding translations, separated by an equals sign “=”. Chasys Draw IES uses this list to find the best match for translating the text it wants to display.

LLTE Language Files are text files that can be created using any standard text editor and that follow an easy-to-understand format; this design was deliberately chosen to make it possible for end-users without programming skills to build them. In deed, you are encouraged to write, modify and share LLTE Language Files.

Although you can edit LLTE Language Files manually using any text editor, it is highly advisable that you edit them using the LLTE Studio utility.