Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Tips and Tricks for Drawing

Tips and Tricks for Drawing

Sky, Sun

To draw the sky (for a sunny day), select GT Shape tool in ellipse mode, set color #1 to white and color #2 to blue, and both alphas to 0. Draw the fill from the point where you want the sun to be such that the whole screen is covered in a white-to-blue gradient. Now select circle and draw a filled circle for the sun.

Alternatively, draw a sun-less sky (e.g. a plain blue background) then set color 1 to white. Draw a filled circle (the sun). Now select the GT Shape tool in ellipse mode. With the sun as the center, alpha1=0 and alpha2=255, tint in the light of the sun.



To draw a cloud, spray the area with white using spray gun then smoothen the area using the smoother. I suggest you set the tools thus : width=16, level=16. You can also use effects brush in shadowing mode with white for the same effect, but the results are not the best.



To draw the ground, paint or gradient fill the area, then use the roughen option of the Roughen and Spray tool to roughen it. Use the smoother in directional, horizontal mode to smoothen the area and create perspective effects. When roughening, pay particular attention to the near-ground. Done correctly, this method gives perfect results.



To create lighting effects, first draw the source of light (e.g. sun, bulb), then, using the GT Shape tool in ellipse mode and white and something close to white as color1 and color 2, tint in the light with the source as the origin. It’s kinda difficult to explain, so just try it out. Try the included Lighting Effects sample if you have them.



Did you know There’s a lot you can do with the smoother tool in directional, horizontal mode, especially if the horizon in your landscape is rough?



The GT Shape tool in sparkle mode is the obvious first choice for this kind of work. Just set alpha1 opaque, alpha2 transparent, color 1 to white and color 2 to something you like.

Very neat stars can also be made by simply zooming in, selecting the GT Shape tool in ellipse mode, then drawing two ellipses with the same center - one long along the vertical, the other long along the horizontal. I recommend 3/6 ratios. Done properly, the results are just heavenly...


Disco Lights

To create disco-lights, use the Triangle List tool in Triangle Fan mode. Starting at the light source, pull the tint down, then set points around this center while changing color and alpha to draw the light fan. How cool is it? Like TOTALLY. Try the included Party Lights samples under Lighting Effects if you have them.


3D Objects

Triangle Lists can make painting 3D objects real easy, as long as you think in terms of shaded triangles and rectangles. For example, a cube may be thought of as six quadrangles (the six faces), which in turn may be thought of as twelve triangles...



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