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HTML Proofing

What is HTML proofing?

Some of the images you design on Chasys Draw IES Artist may be intended for the web, and as such you may need to see what they look like on a web page in a web browser. The HTML proofing feature assists you in doing this by creating a web page with the image for you; this is then displayed in your default browser.


Proofing sample

Here is a sample HTML proof of the ball animation that was covered earlier. The proof web page shows the name of the file, its location in the file system, and a preview of the image or animation. The preview is created using the actual saved file on disk.

Chasys Draw IES
HTML proofing preview of ballanim_video2.gif


SOURCE FILE: C:\MyProjects\Chasys Draw IES\Help\ballanim_video2.gif




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