Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Using Chasys Draw IES Viewer

Using Chasys Draw IES Viewer

User Interface

Chasys Draw IES Viewer is the viewer program in the IES suite. Chasys Draw IES Viewer is a high speed viewer application that is capable of viewing all image files that can be loaded by the IES suite, including Chasys Draw Image Format (.cd5) and animated GIF.

This is the Chasys Draw IES Viewer main window:

This is what the window looks like when it is maximized. The window switches to full screen view, covering the entire screen. Most of the user interface items are either removed from the screen or made translucent to maximize the image viewing area as shown below:

The interface supports drag-drop, allowing you to open files by simply dragging them onto the viewer’s window. Right-clicking anywhere within the window brings up a popup menu where you can select various options and commands. Left-click works like the Hand tool in Chasys Draw IES Artist, allowing you to move the image around. The mouse-wheel provides zoom and pan functionality.



Chasys Draw IES Viewer is capable of performing certain operations internally, specifically, you can browse and delete image files, rotate images and open files in Chasys Draw IES Artist for editing at the click of a button. All operations are accessible through the popup menu and the buttons on the preview toolbar, but may also be accessed through the keyboard.

Key Function
Left Arrow Previous file
Right Arrow Next File
F7 Rotate Anti-Clockwise
F8 Rotate Clockwise
Page Down Previous Page
Page Up Next Page
Spacebar Full-screen On/Off
Delete Delete File
F1 Help
F5 Slideshow
E Edit in Chasys Draw IES Artist
P Print Image
M Show Menu
N Show Navigation Pane
Mouse-wheel Pan and Zoom (see Preferences and Settings for details)
+ Zoom In
Zoom Out

All functions in Chasys Draw IES Viewer are smart, which is to say the program will attempt to find and use the best possible method to do any operation. If, for example, you are trying to rotate a JPEG image and your JPEG plug-in supports JPEG loss-less transform and your core FastExternals™ system is transforms-aware, the rotation will be performed using the lossless method, otherwise a buffer will be used to cache the original, then a lossy transform will be applied.

Chasys Draw IES Viewer has the unique ability to rotate animations and short videos.



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