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SDK - Callback Suites - pi_BasicColor

SDK - Callback Suites - pi_BasicColor

Callback Overview

This callback suite provides the plug-in with basic color conversion and manipulation functionality. These include color space conversions.


Callback Interface Description

This interface operates at the pixel level, with callbacks accepting a pointer to one or more pixels. The interface itself is encapsulated in an object of type pi_BASICCOLOR.



#define PI_BASICCOLOR_VERSION                         0x00010003


struct pi_BASICCOLOR


      unsigned long     version;

      unsigned long     unused_1;


      int   (__cdecl*   convert)(unsigned long *p_pix,int count,

            unsigned long cp_in,unsigned long cp_out);

      int   (__cdecl*   read_rgb)(unsigned long *p_pix,unsigned char *p_rgb,

            int count,int bpp,unsigned long flags);


      unsigned char     reserved_x[1024-16];//do not touch



//flags for "cp_in" and "cp_out" in ::convert()

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_CS_RGB                          0x00000000

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_CS_YUV                          0x00000001

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_CS_CMY                          0x00000002

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_CS_CMYK                         0x00000003

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_CS_HSL                          0x00000004

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_CS_HSV                          0x00000005

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_CS_HHSL                         0x00000006

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_CS_HHSV                         0x00000007

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_CS_LAB                          0x00000008

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_CS_xxxx                         0x0000000f

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_OPT_INVT                        0x00001000

#define PI_BC_CONVERT_OPT_xxxx                        0x0000f000


//flags for "flags" in ::read_rgb()

#define PI_BC_READRGB_LSB_IS_RED                      0x00000001

#define PI_BC_READRGB_ALPHA_NORM                      0x00000000

#define PI_BC_READRGB_ALPHA_INVT                      0x00000002

#define PI_BC_READRGB_ALPHA_NONE                      0x00000006

#define PI_BC_READRGB_ALPHA_xxxx                      0x00000006


convert() converts one or more pixels from the color space referenced in cp_in to the color space referenced in cp_out.

read_rgb() converts one or more pixels from packed 24 or 32 bit-per-pixel with RGB or BGR ordering to the RGBA format used by Chasys Draw IES. It also accepts 8 bits-per-pixel greyscale data. This function has highly optimized SIMD routines that can process up to 4 pixels at a time. The source data is pointed to by p_rgb, which must contain at least 8 bytes of padding to allow for large SIMD read/write operations.

The internal implementation of pi_BasicColor is neither defined nor fixed, and is purely host dependent. Do not attempt to access the reserved portion of the object.



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