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SDK - Callback Suites - pi_BasicUtils

SDK - Callback Suites - pi_BasicUtils

Callback Overview

This callback suite is currently a placeholder.


Callback Interface Description

This interface provides various utilities that are useful for plug-ins. The interface itself is encapsulated in an object of type pi_BASICUTILS. This object is defined in plugin.h.

#define PI_BASICUTILS_VERSION                         0x00010002


struct pi_BASICUTILS


      unsigned long   version;

      unsigned long   host_id;


      int (__cdecl*   lang_TranslateCore)(wchar_t* out,int size,const wchar_t* in);

      int (__cdecl*   lang_SetWindowText)(HWND hwnd,const wchar_t* str);

      int (__cdecl*   lang_TranslateWindow)(HWND hwnd);


      unsigned char   reserved_x[1024-20];//do not touch



version is the only officially specified member of this object. All other members are reserved. You may use the language translation functions provided here in your plug-in, however, there are currently not officially released and may therefore change in subsequent application versions.

The internal implementation of pi_BasicUtils is neither defined nor fixed, and is purely host dependent. Do not attempt to access the reserved portion of the object.



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