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Brush Tool


The brush allows you to draw thick lines in any color or pattern of your choice. This tool can be operated with or without a brush object (i.e. a custom brush tip). To load a brush object, use the Brush option under the Objects menu, or click the brush gadget.

You can use the toolbox to set the width, and, in the case of automatically spaced brush objects, the level. To draw using the first selected color, hold the left mouse button then move the mouse. To use the second color, use the right mouse button instead.

This tool is pressure sensitive when using a graphics tablet; the pressure varies the brush width as shown above.



No Object:

When used without a brush object, the brush tip is a simple circle. A line of zero width is taken to mean 1 pixel with anti-aliasing disabled.

The line is drawn anti-aliased unless the brush-tip mode dictates otherwise.


Object Loaded:

If a brush object is loaded, the brush adopts the behavior set by that object. A brush object can have any color or shape, and may be designed to change shape as you draw. Such a changing brush is said to be animated. Consider the animated brush composed of the images shown below:

This brush can be used to draw an entire vine complete with branches; as the shape changes an element of randomness is introduced, making it look natural. Sizes can be changed for an even more realistic finish, especially if a graphics tablet is used:

Brush objects can also be used to draw seemingly random effects, such as smoke or clouds, as shown in the painting tutorial. If you haven't tried that tutorial, please purpose to do so, it is very informative and easy to follow:

Please note the level changes the spacing between successive applications of the brush pattern if the spacing of the brush is set to auto. For more information about this option, see Objects - Brushes.


Custom Brush functionality is currently enabled through Brush Engine, which supports Chasys Draw IES brushes (.cd5), Adobe brushes (.abr) and GIMP brushes (.gbr;.gih).



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