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Getting in touch

The best way to get in touch with John Paul Chacha’s Lab is via e-mail using the links provided below. Please use the automatically generated subject lines, doing so will avoid unnecessary delays. Do not include graphics or any other attachments in your message, if you need to send an attachment, let me know first, then I'll instruct you accordingly. If you are reporting a bug, remember to give me the version number of the Chasys Draw IES you are using and specify the application in question (i.e. Artist, Converter or Viewer).

Alternatively, you can send snail-mail (i.e. post a letter) to the postal address below if need be. International post has never had a reputation for speed, so allow up to two weeks for delivery of an mail you send.

Postal Address:

John Paul Chacha,
P.O. Box 50134 - 00200 City Square,



E-Mail Links:

  I want to report a bug or error in Chasys Draw IES.
  I want to make a suggestion, something I'd like to see in Chasys Draw IES.
  I'd like to get some information about Chasys Draw IES.
  I'd like to discuss business with the Author of Chasys Draw IES.

These links point to support@jpchacha.com and business@jpchacha.com. The subject lines are "Bug Report - Chasys Draw IES", "Suggestion - Chasys Draw IES", "Query - Chasys Draw IES" and "Business - Chasys Draw IES" respectively. They launch your default mail program.



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