Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Microsoft Store Distro of Chasys Draw IES

Microsoft Store Distro of Chasys Draw IES

What’s the Microsoft Store?

The Microsoft Store, previously known as Windows Store, is a digital distribution platform owned by Microsoft. It is an app store for software intended for Windows 10 (and newer). As with other similar platforms, such as the Google Play and Mac App Store, Microsoft Store is curated, and apps must be certified for compatibility and content. Apps have to be designed in a specific format to be compatible with the Microsoft Store, which necessitates having separate “standard” and “UWP” (or “store”) versions of the app. Typically, the UWP/store version may be a reduced-functionality copy of the standard version as a result of various restrictions that are applied by the mechanism via which store apps are installed and executed.


The Store Distro...

Chasys Draw IES met the conditions and got approval for listing on the Microsoft Store in Q4 of 2021 starting with version 5.09.01. This listing can be found at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/chasys-draw-ies/9pd73x65fxmg. Subsequent versions have improved the listing with an aim of ensuring that the store version carries most, if not all, of the functionality of the standard version.

While it is understood and appreciated that many people prefer to get their software via the Microsoft Store whenever possible, it is advised that you choose the standard distro if you have admin access to the machine you intend to use. The standard version gives you the highest possible level of functionality and stability possible, and is therefore the preferred experience for Chasys Draw IES.


Which features don’t work well on the Store Distro?

As mentioned above, the Microsoft Store system imposes some restrictions on UWP/store application that may limit their functionality. For the specific case of Chasys Draw IES, the following functions and/or features may not work properly or at all:

  • Installing new and/or third-party plug-ins may not be possible since Windows will not allow you to modify the contents of the plug-ins folder
  • The configuration of file type associations is not allowed due to permission restrictions imposed by Windows
  • The generation of a portable copy is not allowed
  • Automatic updates are only available via the Microsoft Store
  • Shell-out is not guaranteed to always work
  • The use of a custom temp folder is not allowed

Other effects that may be important to note are as follows:

  • Chasys Draw IES will take far much longer to start up (this affects all store apps)
  • There may be some issues with the display of application icons, file icons and thumbnails



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