Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Pen and Path Tool

Pen and Path Tool


This tool allows you to create a path, which you can then use to select, fill and stroke regions. Paths allow fine-tuning of the selected region even after selection; the path is preserved and saved along with the image so that it can be retrieved later.


Set Points, Elastic
Used to define the points making up the path.

Just click the points to set them. You can change the level setting in the toolbox to harden or soften the corner at the point; 0% will make the point a hard point, i.e. one with a sharp corner, and higher values will make it more rounded.

This is the default selection mode.

Set Points, Magnetic (Magnetic Lasso)
Used to automatically define the points making up the path.

Click the first point to start. The point automatically snaps to the nearest edge in the image (within limits). To set other points, just hold the left mouse button and drag near the edge of interest; the points will automatically adhere to the edge. Release the mouse button to suspend selection. Click on a point to force inclusion. Right-click to close the selection.

The distance between the points is calculated using time and the tool width, among other factors.

This selection mode is similar to Photoshop’s Magnetic Lasso; it is intended to make selection of objects with high-contrast edges quick and easy by automatically identifying and selecting points on the edge.

Render Path
Displays a menu for path rendering options.

Clicking anywhere on the path will bring up a popup menu with options for rendering the path. This menu is similar to the one found under Objects / Pen and Path on the main menu.


Move Path
Used to move the entire path as one block.

Click any point on the path then hold and drag to move the entire path around.


Edit Points
Used to edit the points making up the path.

Just click the points to select them. Hold down the left mouse button and drag to move the point. Change the level setting in the toolbox while the point is selected to change its softness.


Insert Points
Used to insert new point to an existing path.

Just click where you intend to insert the new point. The level setting in the toolbox determines the softness of the new point.


Delete Points
Used to delete the points making up the path.

Just click the points you intend to delete.


The Pen and Path tool is the preferred way of cutting out objects since it allows you to save, retrieve and edit the selection. When cutting objects out, the operation is done at the sub-pixel level.

Working with Paths

Once you have a path, you can manipulate it through the Path menu under the Objects menu in the main window; for example, you can cut out the region, or fill and stroke it. Path data is attached to a layer as metadata when you save the image, so it is still available even after you close and re-open Chasys Draw IES.


Used to isolate the object defined (or not defined) by the path. Cutting out to a layer sends the object to a new layer.


Used to draw lines along the path. The stroke is performed using the current color and current width.


Used to fill the area defined (or not defined) by the path. The fill is done using the current color.


All Path operations are performed at the sub-pixel level and all results are anti-aliased for the highest possible quality. This can be disabled by unchecking the &ldquot;Anti-Aliased&rdquot; option.


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