Online Help for Chasys Draw IES: Acquiring Images

Acquiring Images


To acquire images from an imaging device such as a scanner, use the Acquire / Scan option under the File > Devices and More menu. The application will show a dialog box where you can select the device to use. Chasys Draw IES will then attempt to acquire an image from the device, displaying dialog boxes with options if and when necessary. Just follow the prompts.

Images can be acquired via either the WIA or TWAIN interfaces; you can select your preference vai the Configure > Acquire / Scan menu.

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Best practices

To get the most out of your digital imagery, you need to know how to get quality – and how to retain it. Sticking to these golden rules should keep you ahead of the game:

  • Scan images from within Chasys Draw IES Artist. Don’t scan images to intermediate files using the scanner software.

  • Work at reasonable resolutions. Too much will prevent you from working efficiently, too little will get you nowhere (6 - 30 mega-pixels for A4 will do).

  • Invest in image capture devices of a reasonable quality. A 1200ppi scanner should suffice for most applications.

  • Avoid resizing images unnecessarily. Any resize, be it an expansion or reduction, degrades the image somewhat.


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