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All the graphics in this help file were created using Chasys Draw IES Artist

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Thank you for choosing Chasys Draw IES! It’s been said that once you go Chasys Draw you’ll never go back. Chasys Draw IES takes a radically different approach to image editing, which I believe results in a better editing experience for both new and experienced artists. When developing this software, I adhered to four ideals, which I’ve christened the four pillars of Chasys Draw IES: Character (no photoshop imitations here), Performance (fast, efficient and stable), Innovation (new techniques and out-of-the-box thinking) and Cleanliness (clean code devoid of bloatware).

It is my hope that you’ll find it useful and that you’ll enjoy using it. Thank you!

“unique, flexible and powerful”

The suite is made up of three primary applications, with several support applications in the background. These three primary applications are listed below; please click the icons or titles for more information. In a typical configuration, the window above, called the Chasys Draw IES Lobby, is the first screen that is shown when you start Chasys Draw IES. From here, you can start one of the three aforementioned application or choose from a list of other common tasks. You may also drag-drop files and folders onto the application icons to open them.
Chasys Draw IES Artist

This is a full-fledged image editor with free-style layer support and many other cool features. With Chasys Draw IES Artist, you can easily create cool designs, edit photos, animate, create icons, print, scan, and do a lot more.

Chasys Draw IES Converter

This is a cross-converter for image files with a highly parallel multi-process architecture. This converter was specifically designed to take advantage of multi-core processors up to 128 cores. On such processors, the speed of conversion scales up with every additional core.

Chasys Draw IES Viewer

This is an image viewer and browser that’s been optimized for maximum speed. It allows you to go through your pictures quickly and offers you a variety of features such as selecting and managing favourites and rotation for both stills and animations.


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