Chasys Draw IES Help:

Pencil Tool


The pencil allows you to edit the image pixel by pixel by directly editing the color and alpha of individual pixels, without alpha-blending or anti-aliasing. This mode of editing is especially important when doing pixel-art, where you need to view and edit each pixel in the image individually.

To draw using the first selected color and alpha#1, hold the left mouse button then move the mouse. To use the second color and alpha#2, use the right mouse button instead. The pixel(s) will be set to the combination of the color and the alpha as is. When editing more than one pixel, the size of the tip is determined by the width setting. Unlike the other tools, this tool does not respond to pressure information from a graphics tablet.




This option edits the single pixel underneath the cursor in the current layer.



This option edits the group of pixels underneath the cursor in the current layer.




These are the Tool-box, Palette and Layers windows, respectively. For help on how to use them, consult the User Interface article.



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