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Effects : Sharpen

High-pass Sharpen

Sharpens the images using a proprietary algorithm that mimics an inductive high-pass filter.


Normal Sharpen

Sharpens the images using the common convolution matrix method with a circular aperture.


Unsharp Mask

Increases the acutance (apparent sharpness) of the image without increasing noise or blemish. This is achieved by applying a Gaussian blur to a copy of the original image and then comparing it to the original. If the difference is greater than a user-specified threshold setting it is added to the image. The threshold control constrains sharpening to image elements that differ from each other above a certain size threshold, so that sharpening of small image details, such as photographic grain, can be suppressed.


Smart Sharpen

Selectively sharpens the image, applying a higher sharpening factor to edges.



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