Chasys Draw IES 5.25.01 is out!!

Reliability and Stability

This release features a quality rollup focusing on stability and reliability. Old bugs that could cause random crashes have been addressed, and the code has been made more robust.

File Support Improvements

File support for JNG (JPEG Network Graphics) MNG (Multiple-image Network Graphics) and TG1 (COKE format) has been added, and the encoder for DDS (DirectDraw Surface) now produces file that are compatible with all DDS viewers.

Other Improvements

Copy-Paste functionality has been enhanced to greatly improve interoperability for transparent images with other apps, and rendering of TextArt is now up to 2x faster. The language translation engine has also been updated.

Content-Aware Eraser tool

The latest version of Chasys Draw IES has many cool features, including the immensely useful Content-Aware Eraser tool. We did a YouTube video to flaunt the new feature ahead of launch.