Chasys Draw IES 5.27.02 is out!!

File Support Improvements

HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format), including the AVIF (AV1 Image Format) variant, is now natively supported on computers with the relevant video codecs. Krita KRA and Paint.NET PDN file support now include oversize handling. Video file import now supports frame scaling.

Linked Layers, UI Themes, Touch and Bugs

This release features linked layers (smart objects) with customizable orientation. It also features a new UI Color Theme (Deep Sea). Touch-screen user experience has been improved and a bug that affects the handling of shortcut keys such as Ctrl+Z has been fixed.

Content-Aware Eraser tool

The latest version of Chasys Draw IES has many cool features, including the immensely useful Content-Aware Eraser tool. We did a YouTube video to flaunt the new feature ahead of launch.