Chasys Draw IES 5.30.01 is out!!

TextArt 2.31, Quality Rollup and Optimized Loading

This release features TextArt 2.31 with many new features and enhanced performance, as well as Embedded Fonts (via layer attachment). It includes the Quality Rollup for 2023 focusing on stability and reliability, and image file loading in Artist has been optimized and is now up to 60% faster.

Metadata, File Support and More

You can now save frame animations to Motion JPEG (MPEG-4 container), and metadata rotation is now supported for Linked Layers (Smart Objects). FireAlpaca’s native file format (.MDP) and Pixlr’s native file format (.PXZ) are now supported, complete with support for re-editable text in both formats. Improvements have been made to the support for GIMP XCF (oversize handling) and Krita KRA (layout, text), with further improvements being made to Camera RAW file support and Icon file support (auto-size). For text, additional UNICODE ranges have been included.

Content-Aware Eraser tool

The latest version of Chasys Draw IES has many cool features, including the immensely useful Content-Aware Eraser tool. We did a YouTube video to flaunt the new feature ahead of launch.