Chasys Draw IES 5.31.01 is out!!

Quality Rollup, Selection Logic and Anchors

This release features updated selection logic and anchor points (grab handles), which are configurable with 3 options. It includes the Quality Rollup for Q1 of 2024 focusing on third-party updates, as well as a bug fix for perspective distort in TextArt.

File Support and More

ArtWeaver’s native file format (.AWD) is now supported, complete with support for re-editable text. Improvements have been made to the support for Photoshop’s PSD (oversize handling) and Pixlr’s PXZ (shape layers, flat image handling), with further improvements being made to several file format support plug-ins.

Content-Aware Eraser tool

The latest version of Chasys Draw IES has many cool features, including the immensely useful Content-Aware Eraser tool. We did a YouTube video to flaunt the new feature ahead of launch.