Chasys Draw IES 5.21.01 is out!!

Fast JPEG and QOI Support

This release introduces an improved JPEG plug-in that is up to 6 times faster than the previous implementation. It also introduces support for the new QOI (Quite OK Image) image file format, which is positioned as a light-weight alternative to PNG that is faster and easier to implement.

GIF, PICT, PAT and Associations

Some GIF glitches have been resolved and PICT support has been extended to include Cinepak-encoded files. A bug relating to 16-bit PICT files has been resolved, and support for Corel-format Pattern files has been added. Significant changes have been made to the handling of file associations, including better conflict detection and handling of read-only formats.

UI Changes

The look and feel of the UI has undergone some minor changes, with the old 3D-look buttons being replaced by a more modern design. Progress indication for file loading and saving has been introduced with a cancellation option, and the brush management interface now has caching for previews to improve performance and save energy. Speaking of energy, the File Browser now has an indicator to show if a disk is spinning or sleeping.

Content-Aware Eraser tool

The latest version of Chasys Draw IES has many cool features, including the immensely useful Content-Aware Eraser tool. We did a YouTube video to flaunt the new feature ahead of launch.