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Wish #669

wished on Mon, 21st Feb 2022 at 18:44:30

firstly, thank you, first wishing you success. to improve, only if like in adjustment tab, the curves graph when dragged dragged away will stay that way for the next JPG adjustment. have to drag it away again for each photo. Quite tedious, hope this helps. And thanks.

Hi, the normal Curves adjustment recalls the most recent setting, but when you attach a new adjustment layer, you get one that has nothing set. You can reuse the adjustment layer by copying it to the clipboard, then pasting it every time you open a new JPG (this is possible because the adjustment layer carries no image data, just the adjustments).

Wish #668

wished on Mon, 21st Feb 2022 at 17:36:57

Chasys Draw IES Viewer:
I'd like for Viewer to NOT try to look at every PDF when I'm scrolling through photos in a folder.  It really slows it down.

Noted; I'll fix that

Wish #667

wished on Sun, 20th Feb 2022 at 06:34:21

Chasys Artist -- love the product! Been using it for years! I would LOVE a clever Content Aware script/brush! BTW, the text editor in the program is great!

Thank you! I have great news for you - I've finally figured out how to do this, so expect a Content Aware fill or brush option in the next version.

Wish #665

wished on Sat, 19th Feb 2022 at 21:03:52

When selecting 1 Pixel size for a Brush, it should be 1 pixel in size, not 2 pixels and the shape being a column. Single Pixel re-size should be a single pixel, usually in the shape of a square.

Did you try changing the Brush Tip to either 'Square' or 'Round, Pixelated'? The default tip (Round, Anti-aliased) attempts to feather the edges, hence the effect you describe (if you draw a 1-pixel line with the Brush, you'll notice that it is actually 1-pixel wide, but with feathered edges).

That said, please note that the ideal tool for pixel-by-pixel editing is the Pencil tool; the brush tool can do pixel-by-pixel editing if you select the correct brush-tip, but it is not intended for that.

Wish #664

wished on Sat, 12th Feb 2022 at 15:20:23

I'd like to see the layer palette always visible under or above the other palettes and also have the ability to move the toolbox over to the right so everything is together.

Wish #663

wished on Mon, 31st Jan 2022 at 13:07:49

windows xp

Hi, the latest version, version 5.11.01, works on Windows XP. Support will be included in the next version as well.

Wish #659

wished on Sat, 22nd Jan 2022 at 01:13:41

Mising a tool that enables to select contortour by difernt color , that was some time ago coming with the program, and in my opinion extremly useefull. For the rest the program I find it very good. I wil say the best Imusing. thank you.

Hi, is that "Border Fill"? If so, it is now an option under "Filling Paint". The second option.

Wish #658

wished on Fri, 21st Jan 2022 at 16:36:17

Türkçe bir uygulama istiyorum.

Wish #656

wished on Tue, 18th Jan 2022 at 13:33:47

I would like the lasso back. I used that feature all of the time, even with the fact it had a few bugs. Was still better than nothing.

Hi, like earlier versions of Chasys Draw IES? It's still there under Snip > Freeform Snip. You also have the option of using the Pen and Path tool.

Wish #655

wished on Tue, 18th Jan 2022 at 11:31:16

Quick 'deselect all tools im using' icon, maybe I cant find it or maybe there isnt one, would like to know or have one.

Hi, Do you mean a way to reset all tools (choose default tool, remove all custom brushes and textures, reset transparency, etc.) in one click?

Wish #654

wished on Mon, 17th Jan 2022 at 16:46:24

I have a specific font with style, size, and color details that I use regularly.  I'd like to be able to set that as my default font instead of having to rebuild it every time.

Consider it done.

Wish #653

wished on Mon, 17th Jan 2022 at 10:24:42

... awaiting moderation

Wish #652

wished on Sun, 16th Jan 2022 at 01:38:10

Content aware fill for Chasys Draw IES Artist. I would LOVE this feature!

Done, starting with version 5.14.01

Wish #651

wished on Sat, 15th Jan 2022 at 18:28:35

abrir o arquivo

Qual formato de arquivo você não consegue abrir? Por favor, compartilhe os detalhes e verei o que posso fazer para implementar o suporte para isso.

Wish #631

wished on Tue, 22nd Jun 2021 at 00:12:48

Please add complete dark mode for all UI including take OS colors,

Wish #628

wished on Tue, 15th Jun 2021 at 21:17:37

Sorry, I was referring to a portable version of Draw. Thanks.

Please see response below. You may also follow this link for more information:


Wish #627

wished on Tue, 15th Jun 2021 at 21:15:57

Is there a portable version or is it possble to make this portable? Thanks.

Yes, you can create a portable copy. First, install Chasys Draw IES on your main computer. Then, launch Chasys Draw IES Artist and from the main menu, select "Configure" then "Install to USB (Portable)". The program will then create a portable copy of itself that you can use when you are away from your main computer.

Please note, however, that some system-dependent functions and optimizations may not work on the portable copy; the system components required for such features may be absent from the computer that you are running the portable copy on and a portable application cannot, by definition, modify the system it is being run on even if such modifications are required for it to function properly.

Features that may not work properly:
* Loading of RAW files (specifically the type for with accelerated loading is used)
* Anything to do with file thumbnails/previews: may either not load or require full decoding hence high CPU usage.
* Anything to do with file associations.

Other things to note:
* Functions that rely on on-disk caches like Undo, Autosave, Shellout and fast plug-in selection may run much slower than usual
* All configs and some temporary files will go to the USB drive you are using, which might be a problem if the USB stick is slow or has limited space.

In summary, portability is allowed, but there's a performance, functionality and reliability penalty.

Wish #609

wished on Wed, 28th Apr 2021 at 13:21:18

не работает

Пожалуйста, поделитесь подробностями по электронной почте, чтобы мы могли вместе решить проблему. С нетерпением жду Вашего ответа; Благодарю.

Wish #605

wished on Sun, 4th Apr 2021 at 12:51:53

Hi! Your program is the best viewer out there bar none. I was wondering if you could add a "temperature" slider to make the image warmer or cooler. I am not sure if this is related to the "White Balance" function on some programs. Thank you!

Thank you! I'll see what I can do. I'm thinking perhaps via some sort of "side-car" file so that the original file remains unchanged.

Wish #600

wished on Mon, 29th Mar 2021 at 08:37:23

Hi there,

Last time, I created an Art-Textfield and after inserting the text, I wanted to adapt the field to a certain width and height (with the text adapting to the field accordingly). But I couldn´t seem to find a way to do that.
With other programs, this can usually be done by just clicking the field and the dragging the anchor
points that are displayed then. In Chasy´s Draw clicking on the textfield did not bring up any anchors.
In the program´s manual I also didn´t find any information as to how to resize textfields.
So, my question: Did I just not see how resizing is done or is this functuality currently not there?
And if it´s not there now, could it maybe be implemented some day? That would make me very happy!
Thanks already in advance.

Thanks for choosing Chasys Draw IES. You can make a text layer resize to fit the text by clicking the "Fit to Text" button. You can also resize a text layer using the Resize tool. Chasys Draw IES doesn't treat text differently from how it treats other layers; text layers are basically layers containing editable text.

Wish #594

wished on Tue, 16th Mar 2021 at 12:18:21

Product name: Chasys Draw IES. Wish: more advanced export to DDS (different DXT codecs). Thank you very much for the opportunity to export to this format!

Different formats for DDS... do you have any specific formats in mind that you'd like to see first?

Wish #587

wished on Thu, 4th Mar 2021 at 21:31:20

Hi John Paul,
It would be nice if you can port your software to Linux (an ".AppImage" extension would be compatible with all Linux distribution regardless their engine)

Wish #582

wished on Sat, 6th Feb 2021 at 05:32:24

Layer grouping and vector layers. I use them very often.

Wish #580

wished on Tue, 2nd Feb 2021 at 00:06:44

It would be great if users could open multiple windows/projects so that elements in any of these windows/projects could be grabbed and use in another window/project with ease

Wish #579

wished on Mon, 1st Feb 2021 at 23:57:39

I found the prog quite interesting that it has an adjustment layers to play with. To make it easier to use, I would suggest:

For the lines,
- users could right click an unfinished line to call out a setting pop up to change its width, colour, with arrow or not, arrow type, line type etc
- add a "Set as default" button to let visitors to set a default line format

For the text,
- users could set the default font size, style, alignment, auto-resize, auto-cosmetics etc (ie add a "set as default" button to the "text art editor panel")
- if visitors do not draw the text area before clicking the text icon, prog will make a default text box at the centre
- add an option to enable to adjust the text box size by simply dragging the text box borders
- the auto-resize for Chinese characters always too small (characters are always chopped at the right hand side)

For shapes, it could be easier to operate if
-  dotted line are first drawn and then users can "right click" etc to call out a pop up setting panel where he can set the border width, colours, alpha, transparency, how it is filled etc
- add a "Set as default" button to the above setting panel can greatly enhance the operation efficiency

- I like the ora output but it seems not compatible with gimp and krita, please check

Thanks very much for your kind attention and thanks for this prog.

Thank you for choosing Chasys Draw IES. Please find my responses below:


Unfinished lines: You can change the attributes at any time before final application. What can't be changed is arrow type, but I'll look into that.

Default: The application remembers the last used settings and uses those the next time the Line tool is used, but that doesn't persist between sessions.


Default: I'll look into that
Default text-box: Done, via right-click
Resize by dragging: I'll see what I can do
Chinese characters: I'll check what the issue is

I'll look into this, thanks.

Go to the Config page for the ORA plug-in and select 'Disable Non-standard Extensions'. I'll make this the default in the next version.




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