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Wish #195

wished on Sun, 29th Sep 2013 at 01:24:30 UTC

The tool of magic wand is only include RGB,don't include alpha.

Wish #194

wished on Mon, 23rd Sep 2013 at 09:24:38 UTC

It would be a powerful addition if you could add a feature of Duplicate Image Finder and Removal providing image batch selection and prioritization based not only Date, Size, Name ... but maybe some means to select images by what I see as 'content'. See Duplicate Photo Finder. I currently use Picasa (under Tools, Experimental, Duplicate. REQUEST - If anyone is aware and uses a a duplicate finder please post here Thanks.

Wish #193

wished on Sun, 22nd Sep 2013 at 18:09:52 UTC

I love this program.   It beat my Corel and Adobe programs.   It loads fast and paints smoother then Gimp or Photoshop.   Most of my question have already been answered here but I would like a suggestion on tutorials and books on Chasys Draw IES Artist.

Wish #192

wished on Sat, 7th Sep 2013 at 14:05:58 UTC

Chasys Draw IES Artist - how about a working program.   I have tried multiple times to create an image of text letters and each time entry into the text box ends up (Not Responding) and close the program.   I have done the same thing enough times, expecting a different result that I could now consider myself insane!

Kindly send me your email address so that we can troubleshoot.

Wish #191

wished on Fri, 6th Sep 2013 at 19:30:18 UTC

Hi, I just started using Chasys draw IES.   There is a feature I use in photoshop called "Levels" that I use all the time that I would like to see in Chasys Draw.   Levels lets you play with the histogram, and crucially, there are dropper buttons that let you select "black" and "white" in the image to give clues to the software about how to do white balance.   The fact that this feature is missing is a big reason I still need to use photoshop.   I would like to use Chasys Draw because it loads so fast and is simpler.  

Both features are available in Chasys Draw IES. Levels is available via the menu under "Adjustments", while white/black point selection is available via the Dynamics Tool.

Wish #190

wished on Tue, 3rd Sep 2013 at 20:21:04 UTC

I work on large orthophotos. Could you add support for working on an image the size of 1/2 Gigabyte?

Wish #189

wished on Tue, 3rd Sep 2013 at 10:25:50 UTC

Could you please tell me whether you have portable version of the Chasys Draw IES or planning to introduce soon the Chasys Draw IES in portable format.

Wish #188

wished on Wed, 28th Aug 2013 at 21:54:16 UTC

Nik Collection by Google support

Use the "Photoshop 8BF for IES" plugin to load Nik Collection and other Photoshop-compatible plug-ins.

Wish #186

wished on Thu, 22nd Aug 2013 at 03:07:22 UTC

My Canon t4i CR2 pictures are not been recognized. When I used the converter feature they all looked black.

Are you encountering the same problem with Chasys Draw IES rawPhoto? RAW photos should be processed in rawPhoto; converter cannot read RAW.  
Please get in touch with me via email at support@jpchacha.com.

Wish #185

wished on Fri, 16th Aug 2013 at 18:08:50 UTC

Chasys Draw IES:
Hi, John. Thanks because you've created greatgreat program. It is easier than Photoshop but I would like to you insert Text Outline & Layer Style just like in Photoshop. Thanks.

Wish #184

wished on Sun, 21st Jul 2013 at 04:05:01 UTC

Chasys Draw IES - I would LOVE to see not only an easier way to change the opacity of a layer, but also that the new layers are the same size (and area,) of the original layer. L-O-V-E the program, and those are really the only two "complaints" I have.

An easier way to adjust opacity is ready for release; it will be available in the next version.

Wish #183

wished on Thu, 27th Jun 2013 at 20:30:55 UTC

Chasys Draw IES raw-Photo: Please add support for Canon EOS 6D (.cr2 file type).

Consider it done.

Wish #181

wished on Tue, 18th Jun 2013 at 15:58:21 UTC

a nice feature would be not to use CNET to download. it is the most confusing, spam filled site out there. I have been working half hour now trying to down load a simple june 2013 update to Draw. Do you mind doing your own downloads? This is just frustrating for older, sick people. kfboulier@gmail.com

I'll try to offer more download options in the future. Thanks.

Wish #180

wished on Thu, 13th Jun 2013 at 01:10:19 UTC

For Chasys Draw IES Artist is there a way to close the current project without closing the whole programme, cant find a "close" button anywhere, usually under "file" somewhere. I am possible missing something.  

There's no "close" button because one would not make sense in the context of Chasys Draw IES -- each workspace is opened in a new window, and you don't need to close the current workspace to open/start a new one.

Wish #179

wished on Tue, 11th Jun 2013 at 22:28:01 UTC

Hope there is a way to use tablet pressure to control the opacity of brush tool.Thanks.

Wish #178

wished on Sat, 1st Jun 2013 at 11:07:56 UTC

Just an idea JP   In an early version of Paint shop Pro (?6) there used to be a button with a question mark, which you could drag over an item on the tool bar and bring up a context sensitive help screen.   Would this aid newer users to learn the package?
Just a thought

Context-sensitive help is available in Chasys Draw IES. All dialog boxes (effects, transforms, etc) have the help button you have described. Pressing F1 on the keyboard when drawing brings up the help page for the tool you're currently using.

Wish #177

wished on Fri, 31st May 2013 at 11:15:45 UTC

Hey John. I am an author and I have over three hundred and fifty fonts. The font viewer in the text art editor will only show into the low 200's. The font view window and scroll-bar goes off the bottom of the screen. Would it be a problem to fix this?

Consider it done, I'll start working on it immediately.

Wish #176

wished on Mon, 27th May 2013 at 09:18:32 UTC

Deutsche Sprache

There's a German language file included, but it's a machine translation so it might contain some errors.

Wish #175

wished on Sun, 26th May 2013 at 01:57:48 UTC

Could you add the "PCD format to the list of supported image types for CHASYS_DRAW?

Hi Cliff,  
Consider it done. I'll start working on it immediately.

Wish #174

wished on Tue, 14th May 2013 at 16:58:38 UTC

graphic tubes

Like the "image hoses" in GIMP? Fully supported -- try the "redball_hose.cd5" custom brush to see what I mean.

Wish #173

wished on Wed, 8th May 2013 at 22:20:24 UTC

Chasys Draw IES Converter
(I just discovered this wonderful piece of software, when I was looking for a program able to create JPEG2000 files without discarding all the metadata: I am still amazed to have to go to Kenya to foind one !!!)
I didn't find a way to resize images with the converter (big batch !), keeping the printed size, changing the resolution (DPI) and adjusting the pixel sizes accordingly. (a resize by a ratio (percentage) would be nice also). I apologize if I just missed the option.
Best regards,

Thanks for pointing that out. Those options will be available in the next version.

Wish #172

wished on Thu, 2nd May 2013 at 19:16:44 UTC

This looks very promising.   I would be suprised if this is not already here.   Make it possible to edit each object without having to have a new layer... Scale/color/location.   Like Inkscape or OfficeDraw.

There are two types of image editing applications, namely Raster and Vector.  
Raster graphics editors manipulate and store images in the form of pixels.  
Examples include Chasys Draw IES, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop and Corel PhotoPaint.  
Vector graphics editors manipulate and store images in the form of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, shapes and polygons.  
Examples include Inkscape, OfficeDraw, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.  
What you've described above is vector-based image manipulation. Although Chasys Draw IES has some vector capabilities, it is primarily a raster graphics editor, which makes this level of vector-based editing out of scope.  
More info:  

Wish #171

wished on Fri, 26th Apr 2013 at 16:22:05 UTC

Chasys Draw IES can be very productive and it would be even more if you implement the following functions:
1. Brush size set by pressing control or shift key while moving mouse/pen (like Krita)
2. Instantaneous pop-up window with tool and color palette (right click or pen button, or any other... - Similar to Krita)
3. Onion-skin for animation (good for traditional animation)

I've added onion-skin animation.

Wish #170

wished on Fri, 8th Feb 2013 at 17:18:54 UTC

Make super-resolution NOT unalign everything that I laboriously aliogned by hand.

Please try out the new version and let me know if it works well for you, as earlier discussed on email. Thanks.

Wish #169

wished on Wed, 6th Feb 2013 at 15:30:25 UTC

simulation of folder sheet with figure in the back, like a sheet of a magazine

Hi, I'm not sure I understand, please clarify via email. Thanks.




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