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TextArt Box Size Edit

Started by Bryan Holt (bholt) on Thu, 31st Mar 2016 at 02:47:24 UTC.

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How do I edit the size of the text box to make it wide enough for my edited text? When I clicked the resize to fit button it made the box 4 lines high and narrow. I want 2 lines and wider.

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Jean Pierre (jeanpierre) on Thu, 31st Mar 2016 at 08:36:17 UTC

Hi Bryan Holt.
I do not speak English so here is a picture.


John Paul Chacha (jpcha2) on Thu, 31st Mar 2016 at 13:37:44 UTC

Hi Bryan,  
Jean Pierre is right, disable word-wrap by clicking the indicated button then click the auto-size button.


Bryan Holt (bholt) on Thu, 31st Mar 2016 at 19:05:34 UTC

Thanks much. I tested and it works.


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