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Product News

Chasys Draw IES 4.42.05 is out!!

Latest changes:
  • Automatic calculation when entering numbers
  • Calculator utility with Natural Input Method
  • Timer and time estimation in Converter
  • Multipage printing for image-lists
  • Improved special character entry in TextArt
  • Improved graphics engine (JpDRAW2 16.12)
  • Improved Animation Renderer plug-in
  • Updated plug-ins for PNG, TIFF and WebP
  • Minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Cursor trails with some tools
  • [bug fix] Group-ID and global alpha missing in devices
  • [bug fix] Text-to-Path output misaligned
  • [bug fix] Issues with files with Cyrillic layer names

Chasys Math 1.41 is out!!

The latest release of Chasys Math feature many internal improvements and adds the ANS variable.




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