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Started by Shine Ramakrishnan (shinerk) on Mon, 2nd Sep 2013 at 00:24:58.

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Hi John:

I am having Windows 8 Pro N with Intel Pentium Processor G2010 2.80GHz,2 GB Ram and I started using this few days ago only.

Could you please tell me whether you have portable version of the Chasys Draw IES or planning to introduce soon the Chasys Draw IES in portable format.I found in the zip package a set up file for the Chasys Draw IES program.

I do not want to install the software in my system and want some files to corrupt my system.Instead, I just want to download the Chasys Draw IES program as zip/rar package, uninstall it in a folder, run the application without any hassles.

Photofiltre Studio X and Hornil StylePix has got such versions on their site.Just unzip and run the program.

Is that possible for the  Chasys Draw IES program. If not, could you please introduce the portable version format on the website.If portable version is possible, could you please let me know the steps.




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