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Started by Oliver Schoemann (bastable) on Sat, 5th Jan 2013 at 05:19:26.

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Chasy Draw seams very interesting to me, but i have some heavy problems with opacity (as mentioned in the wish list). Level works... somehow, but it's relatively hard to control. 100 steps aren't enough, i think, there should be at least 256, better 512 or 1024 steps, which fits usual graphics tablets.
Besides i dont really get the diference between level and alpha, in whitch alpha.2 seems to have no effect at all.
Maybe i just have an issue understanding it properly...?

Thank you and... sorry for my bad english


John Paul Chacha (jpcha2) on Sat, 5th Jan 2013 at 18:42:15

The four parameters are used as follows:
WIDTH: Tool-tip width.
LEVEL: Effect intensity (e.g. how much to blur). No relation with transparency, ignored if not required by current tool (e.g. the "fill" option of the Shape tool has no need for intensity).
ALPHA#1: Primary transparency, if required by tool.
ALPHA#2: Secondary transparency for tools requiring two transparency values (e.g. GT Shape, FP Gradient in "alpha gradient" mode).
As I've hinted above, the parameters required depend on the tool being used. Some tools use one or two parameters, some tools use all four.

About the steps in "level" ... having more levels would be redundant because that parameter is not used in any way that would make the extra precision necessary -- you don't, for example, need 256 blur intensities. As for matching the levels of pressure sensitivity on tablets -- there's no relation whatsoever, except for cases where pressure is being used to modulate "level". In that case you get 101*1024=101424 levels for a tablet with 1024 levels ( [0..100]*[0..1023] ). So no, 100 steps are not few, in many cases they're excessive.


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