Quick crop and opacity on layers

Started by Mark Biernat (mark) on Tue, 10th Apr 2012 at 12:52:15.

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I think these are basic questions but for some reason I can not figure out how to do a quick select and crop.
I know there is a tool called 'crop and rotate' but this seems not to be the traditional select and crop type action I am looking for?

Also regarding layers is there an opacity slider?

Basically your program is the best I hav found, a lot of nice useful features.


John Paul Chacha (jpcha2) on Tue, 10th Apr 2012 at 13:03:23

Hi Mark,
For a quick select and crop, use the Rectangular Selection Tool (fifth row, first column). As for opacity, that can be set by going to Adjustments -> Alpha on the menu. Nice to know you're finding Chasys Draw IES useful.


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