Chasys Draw IES 3.67.01 is out!!

Started by John Paul Chacha (jpcha2) on Wed, 2nd Nov 2011 at 14:35:37.

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Chasys Draw IES 3.67 features end-styles for Line and Curve tools, improved clipboard (copy-paste) functionality, numeric labels for all effect sliders, full support for 32-bit PCX files, improved Razor Tool, improved Zoom Blur, improved User Interface, and some bug fixes.

You can find it here:


M Pratton (calamitycats) on Sun, 16th Dec 2012 at 16:12:51

That's the one I have. Love it except for those little glitches that I am sure will be worked out. The program is awesome, and that it is offered as freeware is incredible. I will tell all my friends about it as soon as I learn to use it more effectively.
(I like to show people how things work) :)
Great program, and great program creator.
TY for offering this to people, you obviously understand the creative spirit.


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