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Started by Carlos Sánchez (csanchez) on Sat, 11th Nov 2017 at 14:30:13.

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Hi! Chasys Draw IES looks really as an powerful, full feature graphics editor
However I found the design of interface from Chasys Draw IES a bit exaggerated, overloaded, to be honest until now I do not feel comfortable using it :(

In my opinion this need a better design.
let's compare the interface with other graphics editing software.

Lazpaint, the tools are docked to left, palette docked to right, color selector and layers have a floating "docked" window.

PictBear, tools docked to left, color related things (rgb, samples, brushes) is docked in a window to right. View related options (zoom, miniview, options) is docked to right too. layers is docked too.

Photoshop CS6, main tools docked to left, other tools docked to right, color and layers related is docked to right.

Chasys Draw IES, floating windows all over the screen, the user in first instanced will be forced to organize this. For two reasons:

1) The floating windows they are clogging the image editing area. that is really annoying.
2) As can be seen, the toolbox is something elemental, so this is simply put as a fixed element, ie NOT a floating window. Come on, even Windows Paint make this in this way, althought you can even undock this if you want.

This it certainly became as an "standard" for how must be sorted graphics editing software, althought each one have your how style to make this.
Most of the graphic editors follow the same concept in this aspect.



Carlos Sánchez (csanchez) on Wed, 12th Dec 2018 at 19:25:02

Hi John, It's been a while from when I posted this, although I follow Chasys Draw, I don't comment too much, but I've found the new Single Window Mode pretty nice :D
Thank you very much!

Btw, I find it a little uncomfortable the way to change the tools.
ie, have to choose the way we want to use the tool always, I think by default clicking just use by default the first "tool mode", by example "hand | normal" for hand tool, "pixel" for pencil tool, and so on.

well, I think the way in how works the selection in the Toolbox can be better.
By example:
Choose directly the tool (and their first tool mode) with one click
Double click to view the available tool modes and choose one (as it currently does with one click)
Right click to assign an shortcut key for that tool, without select the tool nor show the tool mode.


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